Sahar Khan apologized for calling Priyanka Chopra’s character ‘Junoni’ in the film ‘Barfi’

Sahar Khan apologized for calling Priyanka Chopra's character 'Junoni' in the film 'Barfi'

During the interview, Pakistani actress Sahar Khan was criticized by social media users for calling the character ‘crazy’ and ‘Junoni (psychopath)’ while expressing her desire to play a role like the actress Priyanka Chopra in the Bollywood film ‘Barfi’. is facing

While giving an interview to the YouTube channel Something Hot, the host asked Sahar Khan a question, ‘Which role do you wish to play?’, to which Sahar Khan replied, ‘From the beginning of my career, I have always wanted a role. Very much interested in doing, in the movie ‘Barfi’ Priyanka Chopra played a character like a psychopath, I want to play a role like that’.

Sahar Khan added, “I wish I could be a character like that where I can be crazy, obsessive, I think I would do well in such a role.” It should be noted that in the Bollywood film ‘Barfi’, Priyanka Chopra played the role of an autistic patient. The process is also affected, but to a different degree in different individuals.

Social media users slammed actress Sahar Khan for calling Priyanka’s character in Barfi ‘Junoni’ and ‘psychopath’, after which Sahar Khan apologized explaining her statement.

Posting the video on social media platform X, he wrote, “The proper term to use here is autistic. She was not a psychopath but she was autistic. When someone is suffering from a mental illness, they are called ‘Junoni’.” when your voice affects so many people they need to be very careful in using their words, vocabulary plays a very important role.

Another social media user wrote, “I hope Sahar learns from this.” Those who are blindly defending her saying that Sahar is still young and only 23 years old, for your information a 23-year-old person can understand the difference between a psychopath and autism. .’

After heavy criticism on social media, Sahar Khan clarified his statement and wrote that in a recent interview, he meant to say that he wanted to play the role of a disabled person but I mistakenly said something else. Should have collected my thoughts before answering to explain better.

Apologizing, she further wrote, “I respect people with mental disabilities and special needs and these people are very important to us, so if I have hurt anyone unintentionally, I am sorry.

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