People don’t get married because of the fear of divorce, Mansha Pasha

People don't get married because of the fear of divorce, Mansha Pasha

Well-known actress Mansha Pasha has said that many people are not getting married even after seeing the increasing number of divorces in society, because such people think that after marriage there will be a divorce, so why do such a thing?

Mansha Pasha recently appeared on Fareha Altaf‘s podcast, where she spoke for the first time about her second marriage, including the failure and divorce of her first marriage. Also, the actress for the first time gave some information about her family and herself and also told how she started acting.
Mansha Pasha said that he was born in Hyderabad, while his father Nawabshah, and mother hailed from Dadu district.

According to the actress, she is the youngest of three sisters and has no brother, so from childhood, her parents told her to do everything by herself and she also did all the household chores that only boys do.

She said that after getting her primary education from Hyderabad, she moved to the provincial capital Karachi for her A-level, from where she also completed her graduation, after which she started an internship in a production house.

He said that he belongs to a middle-class family, both his father and mother were government doctors, so he started working part-time during his college studies. Mansha Pasha said that while working as a line producer in the production house, he was seen by Adnan Siddiqui, who advised his producers, namely Faisal Qureshi, to make him act. Why is he kept here?

According to the actress, after the advice of Adnan Siddiqui, she did a brief role in the famous drama ‘Humsafar’, after which she was given a good role for the first time in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ and thus her acting debut.

While speaking in the program, she also talked about her relationship with her husband Jibran Nasir, and said that they had been friends for many years before marriage. According to him, the two were friends on the social media platform for a long time, after which they met for the first time during a meeting between mutual friends, from where they started a deep relationship that later turned into marriage.

Similarly, he talked about the failure of the first marriage and the question asked about the divorce and said that he never thought that his marriage would end like this. Mansha Pasha said that she is not a person to reveal personal information and things but still, many people know that her first marriage ended in divorce and it took her five years to recover from the trauma of divorce. It took time.

According to them, a person is free before marriage, but after marriage, his whole life changes and he is living with another person in mind. Mansha Pasha said that after getting into the habit of living according to other people and people after marriage, if that relationship ends suddenly and there is a divorce, then the life changes immediately and then it takes time to change the habits.

He did not reveal in the program why he got divorced and when and whom he married, but he said that it took him a long time to recover from the shock of the divorce. Mansha Pasha termed the decision of divorce as the most difficult decision in life and said that because the future of not only two people but also two families are connected with the relationship after marriage, therefore divorce is a very difficult decision.

While talking about the issue of divorce, he said that even after seeing the increasing number of divorces in our society, some people do not get married, because their thinking has become that after marriage there will be a divorce, so why marry?

Mansha Pasha said that people who have such thoughts are wrong, it is foolish to prevent life from moving forward by having such thoughts.

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