Other than a few actors who were not cast, Raima Khan

Other than a few actors who were not cast, Raima Khan

Raima Khan revealed during an interview that apart from a few actors who are not cast. Actress Raima Khan, who played the role of ‘Chhmoo’ in the popular drama ‘Kabali Pulau’, has revealed that in the Pakistani showbiz industry, other actors are not cast except for a few well-known actors. Raima Khan is back on the small screen after a long time and her character ‘Chhammo’ is being appreciated.

She has played the role of a woman in the play, who has no children despite years of marriage and also endures the harshness of her husband and the taunts of the society. His character is being appreciated a lot and he told in a recent interview that fans have been messaging him on social media telling him how much they relate to his character in their lives and many women feel the same. It has been as if his role is being presented.

Talking to the broadcasting organization ‘Independent Urdu’, Raima Khan said that even in society such married women who do not have children face taunts and other problems. According to them, women have to endure harsh words from the women of their own families for not having children after marriage.

He said that through his role in the drama ‘Kabli Palau’, he is trying to convey that it is not up to anyone to have children or not and women who are taunted in such matters should remain silent. And there is no other choice. During the interview, he also talked about other issues and said that because of the ‘Khan’ behind his name, most people think he is a Pathan when he is purely Punjabi.

According to him, no one from his family is associated with showbiz, his mother saw her husband’s violence on her in a scene of ‘Kabli Pulau’ and called her and asked why that person was hitting him.
Raima Khan said that her mother was very simple, she told her that he was not killing her but it was a shooting scene.

Similarly, in response to a question, Raima Khan said that she is less visible on screen because no one casts her. She said that whenever she has to do a good job in showbiz, she calls director Kashif Nisar and asks him to cast her.

He further complained that only a few actors are cast in the Pakistani showbiz industry. Raima Khan argued that only a few people appear to be working on the TV screen and only those are cast, not newcomers or those who have done little work.

In response to another question, he expressed his wish to work with Fawad Khan and also pleaded with the directors and producers to cast him to work with Fawad Khan.

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