Mehwish Hayat’s return to the small screen after 7 years

Mehwish Hayat's return to the small screen

Famous Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has said that she will be seen on the small screen later this year after 7 years, but she did not reveal more about the upcoming drama.
Mehwish Hayat started acting on television and appeared only in dramas for the first 5 years.
His acting in dramas was well appreciated and seeing his growing popularity, at that time Mehwish Hayat also tried his luck in singing and he also awakened the magic of voice in Coke Studio.
However, later she distanced herself from the small screen as well as from music and remained confined to films.
Famous Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat’s last drama was aired in 2016 after which she only appeared in movies and many of her movies turned out to be blockbusters but now she has revealed her return to the small screen.

Mehwish Hayat
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Mehwish Hayat, along with co-stars Shehryar Manwar and Ramsha Khan, participated in Sama TV’s program ‘Had Kardi’, where she opened up about her break from dramas and also talked about her film career.
In response to a question from a fan, she clarified that although she can stay abroad for a long time for work, she can never leave Pakistan.
According to her, she has roots here, her home and homeland, even if she goes to work in Hollywood again, she will come back to Pakistan.
In response to another question, he praised writer Khalilur Rehman Qamar’s script, saying that he writes dialogues in such a way that one does not have to work hard while acting in them.
According to him, Khalilur Rehman Qamar’s script is a kind of ‘treat’ for actors and people remember even the dialogues of his films and plays.
Talking about his distance from the drama industry during the program, Mehwish Hayat said that his last drama was aired in 2016 and now his drama is likely to be aired by the end of this year.
According to her, she will be making a comeback to the small screen after seven years and she therefore stayed away from dramas, as good scripts were not being written.
Mehwish Hayat expressed his disappointment with the scripts and content of Pakistani dramas, saying that the roles he was being offered were not that good, so he stayed away from the small screen.
She said that in the past she also acted in selected roles, she played the roles of an independent woman, a brave girl, but she also played the roles of some poor and oppressed women.
She said that she doesn’t want to repeat the same roles in dramas, that’s why she stayed away from dramas but now after 7 years she will soon appear on the small screen, but she didn’t say that. What is the theme of their drama and who else will appear with them?

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