Fairy Tale Season 2 Drama Cast,Drama Story, and Release Date

Fairy Tale Season 2 Drama Cast,Drama Story, and Release Date

Hum TV is soon going to telecast season 2 of the Fairy Tale drama serial starring with cast Hamza Sohail,Sehar Khan, Adnan Raza Mir and Aena Khan.


Hum TV aired a drama called Fairy Tale in Ramadan 2023 which was liked by people very much, the last episode of the first season of Fairy Tale drama was aired on 22 April. Fairy Tale Drama is the Cinderella story of Karachi. The witty language and tongue-in-cheek humor of the play Fairy Tale based on the story of Karachi’s Cinderella reminded him of Hasina Moin.
Fairy Tale is a story of a world where friendship and love are love. No one in this world wishes evil on anyone, nor does anyone hate anyone else. Seeing the people’s interest in this drama, We TV decided to make season 2 of Fairy Tale with the same cast that is currently in its true form. Fairy Tale season 2 will be airing on Hum TV very soon. Fairy Tale drama BTS has been released.


Season 2 of Fairy Tale is also written by Sara Majeed. Like the first season, Ali Hassan directed season 2 while Momina Dared is the producer of this drama. Season 2 of the drama Freetail will be telecast on 23rd July on Sunday at 7 PM on Hum TV.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Family
Directors: Ali Hassan
Writers: Sarah Majeed
Producers: Momina Duraid
Release Date: 23 Jul 2023
Day & Air Time: Sunday at 7:00 PM
Duration: 40 mint
Channel Name: Hum TV
Productions: MD Productions
Country of origin: Pakistan


The cast of Drama Fairy Tale Season 2 includes the same actors from the first season as Hamza Sohail Sahar Khan Adnan Raza Mir and Aina Khan in the main cast, while the rest of the cast includes Ali Safina, major actors Salim Sheikh, Salma Hassan, Tehsin Wajahat Chishti, Hina. Rizvi, Suman Ansari, and Amna Yusuf have been added.

Hamza Sohail: Farjaad Khan
Sehar Khan: Umeed Pasha
Ali Safina: Ak
Saleem Sheikh: Kamal Pasha
Adnan Raza Mir: Sameer
Aena Khan: Haya
Salma Hassan: Zeenat
Tehseen Wajahat Chishti: Halal Pasha
Hina Rizvi: Ahgoo Jaan
Saman Ansari: Nighat
Amna Youzasaif: Mimi

Fairy Tale Season 2 Drama Cast Hamza Sohail
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Fairy Tale Season 2 Drama Cast Sehar Khan
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Fairy Tale Season 2 Drama Cast Adnan Raza Mir
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