It’s been 6 years of marriage, it seems like 600 years, Asad Siddiqui

It's been 6 years of marriage, it seems like 600 years, Asad Siddiqui

Famous actor Asad Siddiqui says that they have been married for only 6 years but they feel as if they have been married for 600 years. Asad Siddiqui married actress Zara Noor Abbas in 2017, this is the second marriage of the actress.

Zara Noor Abbas was first married at a young age and her first marriage ended in divorce in 2017, after which she remarried to Asad Siddiqui. Asad Siddiqui recently appeared on ‘Hansana Muni Hai’, where she opened up about showbiz including marriage and how she started her career.

He said that as soon as he went to a bank for an internship after his education, he was called for an audition for a play and took leave from the bank by lying about the death of a relative. According to the actor, his elder brother also worked in the same bank and when people saw that the younger brother had gone home on the death of a relative but the elder brother was there, the office colleagues called him, on which his brother was surprised and called him and asked who died?

Asad Siddiqui said that after his elder brother expressed his anger, he told him that if he had told him, he would have gone with him, so there was no need to lie. In response to a question, Asad Siddiqui said that Yasir Hussain is his best friend and they have been friends for 15 years.

He said that for a long time, most people considered him, Yasir Hussain, and Asim Azhar to be brothers because their faces resemble each other. When asked about the marriage, Asad Siddiqui said that his father-in-law is in the Pakistan Army and he knew that some people were coming to marry his daughter.

According to him, he had already spoken to Zara Noor Abbas’s aunt Bushra Ansari and she asked him to bring Rishta, after which he took Yasir Hussain, Asim Azhar, and Sajal Ali along with other actors along with his parents.

Asad Siddiqui said that he has a good relationship with his father-in-law and mother-in-law. Answering a question from a fan, the actor jokingly said that even though they have been married for only 6 years now, they feel like they have been married for 600 years.
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