I have three sons and they know everything, Mathira

I have three sons and they know everything, Mathira

Talking about her role as a single mother, actress Mathira said that she has three sons and is raising them well, “My sons know everything, they know what is going on in my life.”

It should be noted that Mathira came to Pakistan from the African country Zimbabwe in 2004, she was born and brought up in Zimbabwe, her father is a good and famous politician of Zimbabwe.

When she came to Pakistan, she started hosting TV entertainment shows. She later started modeling and in August 2014, she married Punjabi singer Kar Flint J, but they got divorced four years later in 2018.

Mathira recently appeared on FHM’s podcast where she spoke candidly about the role of single mothers in raising sons and other topics.

At the beginning of the podcast, she said that she does not like to repeat the problems she has faced in life, she said that ‘when she came to Pakistan from Zimbabwe, she only knew English, because she was not educated, she Started a sales girl job.

Talking about the role of a single mother in bringing up children, Mathira said that being strong is also dangerous, you have no other choice. I have no one with me, that’s why I try to be close to God.’

He also said ‘I have three sons, I always say that boys should be trained better, my sons know everything, they also know about women’s menstrual cycle, and they know what I do in life. Walking, they even see me crying and praying.’

Mathira said that children should not be forced, they should be trained well, and they should be made aware of where the household expenses are going and where they are coming from. Some parents take loans but children It is wrong, the children will not know what pain the parents are going through, they should tell the truth so that they feel it.’

The actress said, ‘God is with me when I cry, I am not a perfect Muslim, I have committed many sins in my life, and I know I will go to hell but I always try to be a better person. I do, I treat people well because I want to give to others the good that I did not get.’

In Mathira, I open up about my surgeries and lip fillers because I want to tell girls the right way, what’s wrong and what’s right.” Mathira added that “people who do good work in Pakistan do it to go to heaven, heaven, and hell are the latter, work to bring happiness to the face of the person in front of you”.

The actress said during the podcast that she once desperately wanted love, because I had no experience with it, so I didn’t let it go every chance I got, which led to a lot of cheating, then I realized. That I don’t love myself.

Talking about surgeries and cup fillers, she said that when she started getting cheated by people, she realized that her face was not beautiful, and that’s why she got lip fillers done.

Talking about Indian actress Rakhi Sawant’s conversion to Islam, Mathira said that she is doing a drama in the name of religion. If you don’t post a picture, then you won’t get the funeral, religion is very private.’

He said that now everything has become a trend, and people are taking pictures even while going for Umrah, mobile phones should always be kept away while going for Umrah or praying, don’t use religion for your social media likes. .’

In May 2022, Rakhi Sawant claimed that she had converted to Islam and married an Indian Muslim actor named Adil Durrani, but the couple got divorced after differences emerged between the two.

Later, she achieved Umrah in July 2023, when she was seen crying in front of Kaaba Sharif, complaining about the infidelity of her ex-husband Adil Durrani.

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