Drama director’s explanation after severe criticism of ‘Mayi Ri’

Drama director's explanation after severe criticism of 'Mayi Ri'

On social media users’ criticism of ‘Mayi Ri’, a drama on social issues and early marriage, director Meesum Naqvi explained that children’s romance is not being shown in the drama, the drama is not a story of a different world, it is you. It is the story of society.

In ‘Mayi Ri’, Aina Asif plays the role of a young wife while her husband is played by Samar Abbas and both are 15 years old. Through the play, an attempt is being made to discourage early marriage in society and show how child marriage ruins their lives.

Although the drama has already shown the marriage of Aini (Aina Asif) and Fakher (Samar Abbas) the two have also been shown romantically as a young couple. But in the fortieth episode of the drama aired on September 11, Aina Asif’s pregnancy was shown, and many users expressed surprise and criticized the story of the drama and the actress herself.

Renowned director Masim Naqvi recently gave an interview to Fuchsia Magazine where he opened up about the story of Mai Re. Talking about the script of the drama, he said that earlier the channel had forbidden to make a drama on this script because it was a very sensitive topic, we cannot discuss this topic openly.

Mesim Naqvi said that we are the people who consider early marriage very normal, early marriage was not a big deal in the subcontinent, women used to give birth at the age of 14 to 15, but in this regard, when Time also comes. If problems arise, illness or problems are not identified, so it is very difficult to discuss or dramatize such topics.

He said that there may be some flaws in this drama, whatever is good in My Re belongs to my actors, writer, production house and channel and whatever is bad, I myself openly admit it. ” “

Talking about the criticism of Mayi Ri, Meesam Naqvi said that My Ree is watched by millions of people on YouTube, and if 2 to 3 thousand people are commenting out of these millions of people, then I don’t call it glorification. Some are only watching the scenes of Aini and Fakher and those who are only watching the scenes of these two are not interested in the story of the drama.

He said that both Aini and Fakhir are oppressed in the play, and both have been affected by early marriage, if they are supporting each other in the play, then we are not glorifying early marriage. That said, don’t decide between watching the whole play.

On social media users’ criticism of Aini and Fakher’s romantic scene in the drama, the director said that ‘it is not showing children’s romance, the drama is not the story of a different world, it is the story of your society, in your society. Children between the ages of 12 and 15 are having an affair, as long as there is a stick in hand to fix it, the problem will never be fixed, parents need to educate their children through dialogue and we have dramas. I have pointed out the same thing.’

He further said that we have tried to bring the real face of society before the public.

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