Sara Khan fell ill, husband’s request for prayers

Sara Khan fell ill, husband's request for prayers

Popular drama actress Sara Khan fell ill, and her husband singer Falak Shabbir appealed to fans for prayers. Sara Khan has been away from the TV screen for quite some time, but she is active on social media.

Sara Khan seems to be more active on Instagram, where she shares a picture or an Instagram story every day. A few hours ago, she shared the story of a musical festival in Islamabad, the capital of her husband Falak Shabir, in her Instagram story.

However, shortly after she shared the post of her husband’s music concert, her husband reported the actress’ illness and requested prayers from fans.He said that Sara Khan fell ill, pray for her to get well soon.Falk Shabbir shared a photo of wife Sara Khan’s medical check-up, in which the actress was seen lying on a hospital bed.

The photo shared by Sara Khan shows that the actress is in bed for any other similar medical test including an MRI or CT scan. Falak Shabbir shared a picture of his wife and appealed to his fans to pray for her well-being, but he did not share any information about his wife’s illness or check-up.

In the picture, Sara Khan can be seen lying quietly on a bed in a hospital patient uniform, ready to undergo a test in a CT scan or MRI machine. After the news of the actress’s illness came out, a wave of concern spread among her fans and they prayed for Sara Khan’s complete recovery.

Sara Khan and Falak Shabbir tied the knot in July 2020 and had their first daughter in October 2021.
After marriage, although Sara Khan appeared in several dramas, she is away from the screen after getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby girl.

However, the actress appears in showbiz events including advertisements while she is also active on social media.

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