Why Ahmed Ali Akbar didn’t want to do ‘Preizad’?

Why Ahmed Ali Akbar didn't want to do 'Preizad'?

Pakistani actor Ahmed Ali Akbar has made an important disclosure while expressing his concerns regarding the famous period drama serial ‘Preezaad’.

Ahmed Ali Akbar revealed for the first time in an interview about the popular drama serial ‘Preezaad’ that he was initially unhappy with being offered the role of a black man.

Talking about this, Ahmed Ali Akbar said that initially after reading two episodes of Parizaad, he thought that what was being given to him in 2020? He was unable to understand why he was being offered the role of a black man with a dark complexion and spots on his face.

According to Ahmed Ali, this role should have been played by someone who looked like him, so after reading two episodes, he refused to do it, then six or seven months later, on the advice of his close friend and manager Zahid AD, he re-read the entire script.

The actor explained that he didn’t understand the character in the first 15th episode, but later on, he got teary-eyed when he realized it and then he completely connected with it.

He said that he found the character similar to himself, but still, he did not want to adopt such a get-up, so he suggested three names for it, but they were not considered in terms of promotion.

He said, ‘The production team had options other than me, so they had to take this risk despite the difficulty of making spots with makeup.

Ahmed Ali Akbar has shown the essence of acting not only in Parizaad but also in many famous drama serials ‘Garsh’ and ‘Yeh Raha Dil’ in which his pairing with Yamuna Zaidi was also highly appreciated.

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