Controversy arose over the issue of allowing the husband to remarry, Kiran Naz

Controversy arose over the issue of allowing the husband to remarry, Kiran Naz

Famous TV host Kiran Naz has said that in the past when she allowed her husband to remarry, people including the media raised a controversy over it and her words were taken wrongly. The viral short video of Kiran Naz talking about her husband’s second marriage is from last month when she participated in Sama TV’s program ‘Gap Shap’.

Karan Naaz participated in the program along with the well-known host Muneeb Farooq, where she also clarified on the statement given about her husband’s second marriage in the past. Kiran Naz explained in the program that in the past, when she answered on her husband’s second marriage during a live session, people misinterpreted her words and created a controversy.

He said that he had said during the discussion in the live show that a man has the right to marry second and third in Islam and that is why he has also allowed his husband to marry again whenever he wants. The TV host said that it doesn’t matter if she allows the husband to remarry or not, because God has given permission to the man to remarry.

She said that her idea or thought regarding her husband’s second marriage is quite clear and she has given permission to her husband. Kiran Naz said that he had said the same thing in the past too, but a controversy was raised over his said statement and all kinds of news were published regarding him.

He said that at that time people stopped her husband and asked him that he got married again. Kiran Naz said that in the past, the media also planted spicy news on her statement of allowing her husband to remarry and wrote that the TV host’s husband had committed a second marriage by being unfaithful to her.

She added that but her husband says regarding the second marriage that he made a big mistake once, now he cannot do such a mistake again. It should be noted that in 2019, a video of Kiran Naz went viral, in which she was seen talking about more than one marriage of men.

Kiran Naz said that God has allowed four marriages for a man, that’s why he has a clear mind in this regard and he has also allowed the husband to have a second marriage. He had said that anyway, their will or permission is not going to make any difference, because it is God who allows a man to have multiple marriages.

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