A woman mistook me for Hamza Ali Abbasi wife, Nawal Saeed

A woman mistook me for Hamza Ali Abbasi wife, Nawal Saeed

Emerging actress Nawal Saeed has revealed that once an elderly woman mistook her as the wife of actor Hamza Ali Abbasi and kept talking to her for a long time and the woman became depressed after knowing the truth. Nawal Saeed recently appeared on Geo TV’s show ‘Hansna Muni Hai’, where he opened up about his career and other issues.

He said that she was smart in her studies in all subjects including Urdu and Mathematics and her marks were always good. He said that initially he tried his luck in singing and many people gave him a chance because his father was a musician.

According to Nawal Saeed, however, while singing, he realized that his voice was not that good and some people respected him only because of his father and only his father listened to his singing with passion. According to him, after saying goodbye to singing, he tried his luck in acting and luckily, he started getting offers for one play after another.

In response to a question, she said that soon she will be seen on screen again with Noor Hassan as people like her as a pair. When asked about marriage, Nawal Saeed said that he had said the same before that there is no problem in getting married, he had not said that he was very fond of getting married.

According to the actress, she believes that not everyone should work all the time or all their lives and there is nothing wrong with getting married. The actress said that she thinks the same for herself that she should not work all her life but currently, she has no intention of getting married.

When asked about her husband-to-be, she said that she does not like very rich boys, but she wants her future spouse to be someone who has mental harmony and understands each other. During the program, Nawal Saeed revealed that once a woman met him at the airport and talked to him for a long time, as she mistook her for Hamza Ali Abbasi wife.

According to the actress, the woman told her that she had a great desire to meet Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wife. Nawal Saeed said that when he heard the woman’s desire to meet Hamza Ali Abbasi wife, he shyly told her that she was not Nemal Khawar but Nawal Saeed and that she was another woman.
The actress said that after listening to him, the said weak lady also got embarrassed and she realized that she had spent a lot of time with another and wrong lady.

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