Budget 2023-24, what will be expensive in Pakistan

Budget 2023-24

The budget for 2023-24 has been presented by the government of Pakistan. Many people have thoughts about how expensive cars have become, how expensive cosmetics have become, and what new products have been taxed. They are getting cheaper.
First of all, the government of Pakistan has announced great news for overseas Pakistanis in the budget of 2023-24. If overseas Pakistanis buy any property or property in Pakistan, they will not be charged a two percent tax, while ordinary Pakistanis will not be charged any tax. But it will be taxed. Apart from this, Pakistan’s budget for 2023-24 will allow Overseas Pakistanis to hold any one weapon license and that license will be given to them by the Government of Pakistan.
The overseas Pakistani who is sending 50,000 dollars to Pakistan annually will get a diamond card from the government of Pakistan. The advantage of this will be that he will be given fast facilities at the airport. There will be no need to stand in long queues and even they will be given prizes through the lottery. Besides this diamond card will be beneficial for Overseas Pakistanis if they have gone somewhere to make a passport or have gone to an embassy. or has gone to a council chamber or any government office, then he will be put on fast purity because he is sending a huge amount of money to Pakistan in the form of foreign exchange to run the economy of Pakistan.
After the Pakistan Budget 2023-24, users of Amazon and Alibaba will face inflation as taxes on debit cards or credit cards used to purchase goods abroad have also been increased. are
In the Pakistani budget 2023-24, fans will be expensive, a tax of Rs 2,000 will be applied to them. Along with this, the old yellow light bulbs that used to be used in homes consume a lot of energy, these bulbs have also become expensive so when people find those bulbs expensive, they will use energy savers.
Glass imported from foreign countries for decorative use in women’s homes has also been made expensive, as well as glass-related products that are imported from abroad. Taxes are levied.

Budget 2023-24, what will be expensive in Pakistan

Solar panel machinery and their spare parts will become cheaper to import when you import them from abroad. Apart from this, the tax on UPS batteries and all battery-powered items has been abolished, due to which UPS will become very cheap.
According to the Pakistani budget 2023-24, imported wallets used by women and men have also been made more expensive, leather and leather jackets will become more expensive and men’s wallets will become more expensive due to the increased sales tax on them. Gone, earlier the sales tax was 12 percent, now it has been increased to 15 percent. Along with this, Linde has been made cheaper. One cannot become a gentleman by wearing it.
The best thing about the Pakistani budget 2023-24 is regarding construction, those who want to construct their house will get a special discount, 10% or Rs. Discounts will be given up to and those who wish to build their own house should start building their house now as the government will give them a tax credit of up to one million rupees.
As many diapers as there are Pampers and all the things like that, the tax has been eliminated, which will make baby diapers and Pampers cheaper.
If you used to eat at any restaurant in Islamabad, now you will have to pay a lower bill for that food because earlier the tax on it was 17% and now the government has reduced the tax on this food to 5% ie. It has been reduced by 12%. This is only for those who use credit cards and those who use cash will have to pay the same amount of tax as before.
All vehicles above 1300cc will become more expensive and all large imported vehicles i.e. Luxury Atoms will become more expensive and their spare parts are also heavily taxed.
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