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As you know that the new year, year 2023 has started. So in today’s post we will inform you in the form of documentary about the incidents happening in Pakistan and around the world in the year 2022.

World map on human hand
World Map on Human Hand:

Documentary of year 2022 1st Month.My Documentary of Year 2022 Start from january 2022.Right now, Pakistan itself and the whole world were recovering from the Corona epidemic and people imprisoned in the lockdown for so long were attracted towards tourism that Queen Kohsar murree a tragedy. Killed due to weather brutality. The beginning of 2022 was very disturbing for the whole world because the world economy was suffering from crisis. Not only in Pakistan but also in Western countries there was severe inflation and instead of the world powers. Let’s solve this crisis together۔


Documentary of year 2022 2nd Month.The crisis intensified in February when Russia invaded Ukraine, after which Europe and the United States imposed a diplomatic and commercial boycott of Russia. It also cut off the supply of gas. Due to which Germany and many European countries are still suffering from energy shortage. Pakistan also came under the influence of this Russia-Ukraine conflict, because when the attack on Ukraine took place. At that time, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was sitting alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin, discussing bilateral relations and projects.

Russia VS Ukraine War Logo:

 Documentary of year 2022 3rd Month The next month i.e. March was quite difficult for Imran Khan and his government, as the opposition alliance PDM launched a no-confidence motion against him. A withdrawal had to be obtained. And then PML’s Shehbaz Sharif was sworn in as the Prime Minister by majority vote in the Parliament.

Pakistani Flag:

Documentary of year 2022 4th Month.In April, when the political crisis in Pakistan was at its peak, Aftab, who is a Pakistani singer, made a new history by winning the world’s biggest music award, Guinness. Well, a terrorist incident in this month. Also happened, when a female suicide bomber allegedly targeted a van carrying Chinese teachers in University of Karachi on April 26. Three Chinese teachers, a female suicide bomber and a Pakistani driver were killed in the attack.

Karachi Beach:

Documentary of year 2022 5th Month.In May 2022, Sri Lanka, the country most affected by the global economic crisis, goes into default, meaning it cannot pay back what it has borrowed from other countries and institutions. During this time the economic situation of Pakistan was also nothing special and everyone was predicting that what happened to Sri Lanka is going to happen to Pakistan i.e. default. But Pakistan tried to pay off its debts by doing something or the other. But now the big institutions and other countries are worried whether Pakistan should be given the next loan or not, meanwhile the new government coalition is also trying to borrow from friendly countries and the loan program of the IMF. Try to restore it.

Fishermen catching fish:

Documentary of year 2022 6th Month.As the month of June began, people heard the name of another disease which was monkey pox. By the way, this is an old disease, but it had an outbreak, so people thought that there will be lockdowns again and this disease will spread again. In the month of June, people also saw drought. Rivers all over the world were shrinking. That the Yangtze River, the world’s third largest and China’s largest, was drying up. People in Pakistan were also worried about the heat, whether it was Peshawar or Islamabad, Quetta or Lahore or Shahr Quaid Karachi, everyone was waiting for the monsoon to come and break the back of this heat. But who knew that the current monsoon will break the moon of Pakistan. Because of the continuous and intense heat, the glaciers were melting rapidly and six times heavy rains fell from the top, due to which first rains and then river floods submerged one third of the whole of Pakistan. July and August of Pakistan were drowned by floods. During this time, mountains of its losses broke on Swat, southern Punjab, Balochistan and Sindh. Pakistan and climate change became central.

Documentary of year 2022 Virus symbol with monkey.
Monkey Pox:

Documentary of year 2022 7th Month.Two major international events took place in July, one of which is former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister, and his only two days before the election. Murdered by a homemade pistol. Remember that Japan has a very low rate of gun crime. And secondly, the unveiling of James Webb’s photograph taken from space by James Webb of what the galaxy looked like in space thirteen billion years ago. By photographing them through infra-red, they not only surprised the scientific world but also earned for themselves the honor of being the greatest scientific experiment of the 21st century.

Documentary of year 2022 in death ofJapanese President Shinzo Abe.
Shinzo Abe:

Documentary of year 2022 8th Month.Then comes August, battling floods and natural disasters. The good news for Pakistan is that its IMF loan has been restored. And Pakistan’s sagging economy has received a $1.5 billion bailout. This year’s Games. It was also quite unusual for the Commonwealth Games, in which Pakistan’s role was prominent in weightlifting, javelin and wrestling, or the Saaf Games, in which Pakistan played international football after three years. Women got the opportunity and represented, and when it comes to sports, cricket has been the top priority for Pakistanis. And this year’s T20 World Cup was a good one for Pakistan, as Pakistan reached the finals. How did you arrive? And despite the ups and downs, this trip was quite interesting. Meanwhile, the England cricket team visited Pakistan for the first time in seventeen years. It was canceled citing concerns, which broke the hearts of cricket fans not only in Pakistan but all over the world. The hearts of the fans were remembered, the tennis legend godfather Roger Federer announced his retirement in the same month. To the UK, which saw the faces of three Prime Ministers in the space of two months since August. First, the resignation of Boris Johnson, who was succeeded by Lister, but his prime ministership would be in a few weeks of serious crises, and then there was a historic moment, meaning that for the first time in the history of England, a non-white person played the role of Prime Minister and he was Rashni Sukan.

UK Bulding:

Documentary of year 2022 9th Month.And then September began as Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled the British throne for seventy years, died at the age of 96. And after her death, her son Prince Charles took over the reign. This year, Pakistani journalism. It was also very difficult for journalists, once the journalistic institutions were closed, many well-known journalists were forced to resign. He had to lose his life at the hands of the police in a foreign country (a country like Kenya). And this was a huge blow to Pakistani journalism.

Documentary of year 2022 Death of Queen Elizabeth England.
Queen Elizabeth:

Documentary of year 2022 10th Month.The month of October brought little good news for our region. Rather, the terrorist incident in Afghanistan’s Kad Institute broke hearts, in which more than 50 lives were lost, most of which were female students of the institution. Educated women were not only victims of oppression in Afghanistan, but also in our neighboring country, Iran, when did women start protesting against the police when 22-year-old Mehsa Amini was allegedly killed after being tortured by them. Did not lose. This protest continued in Iran until Saturday. While on the one hand Pakistan’s economy and Pakistan’s politics seemed to be the script of a movie, Joyland, a movie of Pakistani cinema, won the international award at Cannes and gained worldwide recognition. Land is also nominated for an Oscar this year.


Documentary of year 2022 11th Month.The month of November has started around the world and there is chaos in Pakistan. Imran Khan, the famous former Prime Minister of Pakistan, is assassinated during a political rally, in which his foot is injured. The series begins. And Pakistan once again becomes the center of global media. The month of November was also important as an important decision had to be made in this month as to who would take over the command of the armed forces of Pakistan. After endless meetings, consultations and disputes, it was decided that the leadership would be transferred from General Qamar Javed Bajwa to General Asim Munir. Internationally, this month was also important because Top Twenty Seven was to be held in it. It is a conference in which leaders of all countries gather and present their recommendations and strategies on the damage caused by global warming. The main idea of ​​this time’s conference was floods and climate disasters in Pakistan. And on the other hand, in the same month, the world’s biggest sports event, the FIFA World Cup 2022, was held for the first time in an Asian country, namely Qatar. The event has been plagued with upsets since the start of the event, be it Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup or Argentina’s loss to Saudi Arabia, Morocco’s unexpected run to the semi-finals or Germany Defeated by Japan. But finally the dream of the great football player came true and Lionel Messi’s team Argentina won the World Cup after 36 years.

Documentary of year 2022 For Fifa World Cup A football stadium by the sea۔
Football Staduim:

Documentary of year 2022 12th Month.By the way, the month of December has also brought bad news for this region like the resurgence of terrorism by Tehreek-e-Taliban and high security alert across the country. In addition, if we talk about neighboring countries, the Taliban in Afghanistan have banned women’s education despite criticism and their old promises. It is also equivalent to crushing the dreams of۔ And then the return of Corona again at the end of the year. There are fears of millions of cases of Corona in China and India. It is being said that tens of millions of people in China may be victims of Corona in the coming weeks. And in India too, lockdown has started in many cities.

Documentary of year 2022 A Chinese doctor wears a face mask.

We Documentary of year 2022 end on Month December 2022.That’s it for the year 2022. Now let’s see how the coming year will be. With the hope that it will bring only good news not only for you but for Pakistan and the entire region politically, economically and environmentally.

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