Bank withdraws notice of auction of ‘Sunny Deol’ house

Bank withdraws notice of auction of 'Sunny Deol' house

The bank issued the notice of auction of ‘Sunny Deol house Sunny Villa’ and withdrew it. India’s “Bank of Baroda” has withdrawn the auction notice of famous Indian actor Sunny Deol’s luxury bungalow “Sunny Villa” due to “technical reasons”.

The bank issued a notice saying that the notice published in the Times of India Mumbai edition (page 3) on August 20 regarding the auction of the house of famous Indian actor Ajay Singh Deol aka Sunny Deol has been withdrawn due to technical reasons. has gone has been taken.

It should be noted that Sunny Deol’s luxurious bungalow in the posh area of ​​West Mumbai, Juhu, was decided to be auctioned by the Bank of Baroda to recover the loan.Sunny Deol had taken a loan of around Rs 56 crore from the bank, the bank was also trying to recover the interest charged on the loan.

According to the details, Sunny Deol’s brother Bobby Deol, whose real name is Vijay Singh Deol, his father Dharminder Singh Deol, and Sunny Deol’s company Sunny Sounds Pvt Ltd as guarantor and corporate guarantor for the loan from Bank of Baroda. was nominated.

For Sunny Deol’s bungalow, the bank had fixed the reserve price for the auction at Rs 51.43 crore, the deposit for the auction was around Rs 5.14 crore while the auction bid increment was Rs 10 lakh. Sunny Deol’s spokesperson reacted to the issue and said that we are trying to resolve the issue, and will be successful soon, we request not to speculate further.

Sunny Deol’s team confirmed the auction notice on Sunday but said that the said amount was not correct and also said that the actor would pay the arrears in a day or two. Recently, the sequel of the actor’s famous film Ghadar, Ghadar 2, was released, which created a sensation in the cinema halls.
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