Aini Jaffrey will be back in the showbiz industry after a long time

Aini Jaffrey will be back in the showbiz industry after a long time

Aini Jaffrey is back in the showbiz industry after a long time, she will soon be seen in a Bollywood feature film. Coming back to the showbiz industry after a long time, actress Aini Jaffrey announced to be part of a Bollywood feature film.

Aini Jaffrey started her career in advertisement after which she entered the drama industry, she started acting in 2011 with the drama serial ‘Zip Bus Chip Raho‘. She was last seen on the television screen in the 2022 web series ‘Mandi’ where she appeared alongside Saba Qamar, Mikal Zulfiqar, and Shayan Khan.

Now after a long time, Aini Jaffrey has re-entered showbiz, but now she will be seen not in a Pakistani drama or film but in a Bollywood feature film. The actress is going to be a part of the Bollywood feature film ‘Cook’ which is directed by Saram Momin while he has written this feature film.

The news was confirmed when Aini reposted actor Paul Marlin’s Instagram story in which Aini was seen sitting on a sofa during the shoot. This picture was from the sets of his upcoming film, from the story it can be guessed that Aini Jaffrey will be seen with Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor’s son Siddhant Kapoor.

Screenshot From ainy_jaffri_rahman Instagram:

Earlier this month, Aini Jaffrey posted a picture of the script titled Coke and wrote, “Finally, it’s starting now.” Fans expressed their happiness for actor Aini Jaffrey to sign an Indian project and also commented on missing him in the Pakistan drama industry. When Aini Jaffrey announced her return to the showbiz industry, she said that she was both nervous and excited to return to the acting field.

She further wrote ‘I feel that despite the passage of so much time, the passion I have for this art has never ended, when I was away from showbiz, during this time I learned patience and as a woman and a mother, I also learned a very valuable lesson that you cannot do everything at once, everything happens in its own time.

Aini Jafri has acted in many projects in her career, 2012 Aini Jafri appeared in the lead role in Hum TV’s drama Asirzadi, 2013 she made her debut in the film world and acted in her first film Humayun Saeed’s production ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ and then appeared in ‘Baloo Mahi’. Aini Jafari has also lent her voice to the lead character ‘Jiya’ in an animated film called Burqa Avenger. She married Faris Rehman on 22 February 2014. Aini Jafri’s famous plays include Salah, Zaab Zindagi, Meri Behen Maya, Mandi, and others.
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