Actors are easy targets so people make nasty allegations, Kabra

Actors are easy targets so people make nasty allegations, Kabra

Actress Kabra Khan expressed regret over the hateful accusations made by social media users on the role of actors and said that actors are easy targets, so people consider it their right to say all kinds of things against us. It may be recalled that earlier this month, ex-military officer Adil Raja alleged in his YouTube video that he had been told by sources that Pakistan’s top models and actors have been used for former high-ranking military officers and politicians.

He claimed that inappropriate videos were made of actors when they were used by politicians. Adil Raja did not name specific actors in his video but he used English letters as cues, one being ‘MK’ (MK), second ‘KK’ (KK), third ‘MH’ (MH), and fourth ‘SA’ (SA).

After these allegations, pictures of Kabra Khan, Mehwish Hayat and Sajal Ali, and Mahira Khan started circulating on social media and users trolled the four actors with serious allegations. After which Kabra Khan approached the Sindh High Court to remove inappropriate content from social media and take action, after which the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) took action on the order of the court.

Giving his opinion on the daily trolling and accusations on the role of actors on social media, Kabra Khan expressed his regret and said that people working in the media are easy targets. Actress Kabra Khan while speaking in Express Entertainment’s program ‘The Talk Talk Show’ said that if I can’t fight for my right then I can’t speak for the right of others, many things were spread against me on social media before but I ignored it, but I couldn’t keep silent on the recent allegations.

He said that every year some actor was accused and humiliated, it has become a norm. Actors are easy targets for accusations and slander, Kabra said, “Many people in the entertainment industry are not interested in politics and politicians because we focus on our art.” She says that ‘people believe that if we work in the media, our life is their life, people believe that it is their right to say all kinds of things about people who work in the media.’

You can criticize my work and art but you have no right to discuss my personal life and character. Kubra Khan said that after seeing the kind of accusations made on social media, my mental condition became very bad. Kabri Khan said it took me two days to understand the matter. When I understood the matter, I raised my voice for my right. People say that my name was not in this case. “I should not have reacted at that time,” he said. Then I asked if my name was not there, why was there a picture of me? You can get the name wrong but the picture was mine.

He said that “I saw things against me on social media, due to which I started to panic and I had to go to the hospital.” He also said that it has been a long time since this matter, but even today if I upload a picture on social media, one out of 10 people tries to stir up the said matter.
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