Feroze decision to withdraw the case against Sherman Obaid

Feroze decision to withdraw the case against Sherman Obaid

Feroze Khan has decided to withdraw the defamation case against renowned filmmaker Sherman Obaid Chinoy and dispose of the cases. Actor Feroze Khan wrote on the social platform Twitter “I don’t want to escalate the case of Sharmeen Obaid, I have learned that freedom is a blessing, and Allah is very merciful.”

Earlier, on social media users criticizing ex-wife Aliza Sultan, Feroze Khan said, ‘I want to request my fans to leave Aliza alone, whatever happened was between us and now there is nothing between us.’ Feroze Khan also said that ‘Aliza was very kind in the last few days, she won my heart.’

Aliza Sultan and actress Feroze Khan divorced in September 2022, both married in 2018, and had their first son (Sultan) in 2019, and daughter (Fatima) in February 2022. Both have also filed cases against each other in the courts, the hearings of which are ongoing.

However, the conflict between renowned filmmaker Sharmeen Obeid and Feroze Khan started when Feroze Khan and Aliza Sultan separated and the actor’s ex-wife accused Feroze Khan of torture.
After the pictures went viral, many personalities including Sherman Obaid Chinoy accused Feroze Khan and demanded his ban. In January 2023, Feroze Khan sent legal notices to several personalities after the allegations of showbiz personalities.

Id Azan Feroze Khan first sent a legal notice to Sherman Obaid Chinoy in February 2023 and later filed a defamation case against him. On 22 March 2023, Feroze Khan filed a defamation case against Sherman Obaid in a local court in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province.

Feroze Khan had shared a copy of the court notice on Instagram asking why he had defamed her without any evidence. On the other hand, Shermin Obaid Chinoy had already announced that she would also take legal action against Feroze Khan and decided not to apologize to Feroze Khan.
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