Actor Umar Shahzad big revelation about his marriage

Actor Umar Shahzad big revelation about his marriage

Pakistani actor and famous model Umar Shahzad has made a big revelation about his marriage. Rising actor Umar Shahzad who played supporting roles in dramas like ‘Mere Humsafar’, and ‘Woh Pagal Se’ has revelation that his marriage was supposed to take place in December this year but now it is not happening.

Actor Umar Shahzad recently appeared on the FHM podcast where he discussed his career and personal life in detail. Umar Shahzad entered the showbiz industry as a model and later he entered the drama and then the film industry as well.

After debuting with the film ‘Teri Meri Love Story’ in 2016, he also acted in his second film ‘Jawaani Phir Nahi Aani 2’ in 2017. Umar Shahzad said that he wanted to be an actor from the beginning, initially modeled for a while, and then entered the field of acting.

Talking about his struggle in the early days of his career, he said that he introduced himself to all the production houses for acting, but there was no call from anywhere. Umar Shehzad complained that after working in modeling for a long time, he was offered a very small role in a drama, I was surprised, I was very confident that I might get the role of Humayun Saeed in the drama ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’. would be offered, but I got a very small role with very few dialogues.

“Thankfully, actress Angeline Malik offered me a telefilm and I started working,” he said. During the podcast, Umar Shahzad also talked about anxiety and depression, he said that anxiety and depression happen, and in such a situation people lock themselves in the room, I have gone through this situation.

The wedding was going to take place in December, but it is not happening now.

Apart from this, Umar Shehzad also talked about his marriage, he said that he was going to get married in December this year, but it will not happen now. On the host’s question, Umar Shahzad said that the wedding was going to take place in December, but it is not happening now, there are life changes where you can only regret. ‘

Without naming names, the actor said, “When you are close to someone for a long time, you don’t know the time. Now I have left everything to Allah.” Umar Shehzad was not getting married, but last week there were rumors of his relationship with model Zainab Raza.

Rumors of Umar Shahzad’s relationship with Zainab Raza started circulating when both of them participated in the Pakistani reality show Tamasha. He said in an interview that Zainab is very ‘intelligent and sensible’ and she is the kind of girl he doesn’t shy away from taking feedback or advice from. He saw that he had all the qualities that impressed him immensely.

He had said with a smile that Zainab is just his ‘best friend’, when he needs advice on any problem, he goes to Zainab.

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