10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World in 2023


If we talk about the 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2023, we have an Islamic country, Libya, at number ten. Friends, the Islamic country of Libya is a country where for many decades the same royal family has not only committed high-level corruption, but has left no stone unturned to sink its own ship and its government together with the United States and its followers. . As a result of Arab Spain, when Colonel Gaddafi’s government was overthrown, many people thought that the situation here would be better, but in the last twenty years, instead of decreasing, corruption in this country has increased a lot. After the death of Gaddafi, the atmosphere of political war between all the opposition parties is hot here, which do corruption here in their own way. Among these parties, the revolutionaries of Tripoli, Abu Salem Central Security Forces and Navasi Battalion are on top. Gaddafi’s After his death, when the United Nation tried to establish their government here, they faced many difficulties because the opposition parties themselves keep the conditions of the country bad so that no one else can come. It has become much more difficult to reduce corruption.

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09:North Korea.

If we talk about the 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2023, we have North Korea at number nine.Friends, in today’s world, North Korea is a worst example of an authoritarian state. Like Lajab, the same family has been ruling the country for decades with the help of the army. After the breakup of Korea, South Korea joined the party of America. While North Korea has foolishly separated itself from all the nations, it has established enmity with the United States. There is no bread in the pockets of the people. The North Korean army crushes the people and Gang Kim Jong-un and his family have a Bhutto position here. North Korea is also known for intimidating its enemies by displaying military might and avoiding joint sanctions. And because of this, even the USAID could not reach here. Corruption has become a major part of government working in this country today, and all the senior officials are asking for any work, but they are not accepting the money and the people are forced to pay this amount. It has to be done. Counterfeiting has become very common in this country and here medicine, food and drugs are all fake. The punishment is death. Still, this work is going well here.

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If we talk about the 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2023, we have Afghanistan at number eight.Friends, Afghanistan is a country that has been ruined and destroyed by all kinds of warriors and it is also called the graveyard of great empires. Since Alexander the Great till today, many powerful people have occupied it. Efforts have been made but eventually everyone had to flee from here. As a result, the government here today is nothing short of missionary and corruption is common. Be it the Taliban or the US-imposed government of Hamid Karzai or whatever power. Has he tried to fill his own oppression by taking money from the US and the United Nations? According to a report by the Washington Post, the main reason for corruption here today is the US military present here. The United States had occupied this part of the country for several decades and a lot of people used to come here in the name of the American army and no one looked at it. Other countries of the country also came to Afghanistan to bring peace. The money that was invested was invested to strengthen the Sansi and Māmuri system here so that the rulers here can properly represent the people. Despite this money, it continued to be funded by the Taliban even today. Their efforts to control the fighters living here have led to the formation of many branches of the Taliban, which often fight each other. More than 60 percent of the forces that the United States and the United Nations have deployed here have been held by terrorists, robbers, and corrupt Afghan government officials.

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If we talk about the 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2023, we have Kenya at number seven.Friends, in this small African country, the problem of corruption has increased to such an extent that according to Human Rights Watch, these people have made corruption a regular art. And by the way, we expected that the country from where Tala came out would become very wealthy like the Arabs, but here everything will be reversed due to corruption. And today the situation here has become even worse after the release of Tilar. Twenty years ago, when Tala left here, people started calling themselves Immortals, but when they started investing from their own money, corruption started here. The main reason for corruption in this country. This is that the government employees of this country started sweating on the highways and Susan Star hotels with the poor people’s lips, and the corrupt government employees started working here with excessive sweat and sweat. He used to spend his money. Just like a government employee sitting in our country Pakistan with a luxury car worth 580,000, comes to find out the price of vegetables in the market. It happens, not for the poor, and Africa is already the poorest continent in the world.

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If we talk about the 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2023, we have an Islamic country, Sudan, at number six.Friends, Sudan is a poor Islamic country in Africa, which is one of the largest Islamic countries in the world. Sudan is a country where not only corruption is part of your system, but corruption has become the real system here. Sudan. British leaders and rulers have played an important role in promoting corruption in the system of this country. This country is one of the countries in the world where the army has ruled the country for many years. From 1989 to 2018, it is here. The military ruler of Umar al-Bashir along with his army has ruled by imposing martial law and today only the language of corruption is spoken here. In these 30 years, he has elected himself twice and won for the thirteenth time. The opposition parties of this country have boycotted these elections for a long time. Because of setting a high example of corruption and money laundering and military tyranny, today in this country you cannot get any service without someone’s warm cape. According to the survey of Transparency International, 90 percent of people here have said that In order to get any of their work done or to get rid of their lives from the government, they have to pay bribes in some form or the other. In 2018, after continuous sit-ins, Umar al-Bashra was expelled and this criminal was sentenced to two years. Also told, from which you will have some idea of ​​the legal system here.

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If we talk about the 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2023, we have Venezuela at number five.Friends, Venezuela is often in the news because of the Satisfi Revolution and various coups. This country is under the shadow of a strict military where the political and democratic government has died. Nicolás Maduro has been running a political government with the help of an army like Sudan for the last ten years. After his arrival, inflation and poverty in this country have increased immensely. And at the same time, they have taken undue advantage of the power of the government and imposed restrictions on the opposition and the press, as a result of which Venezuela, which was once the most prosperous country in South America, is now a paradise of crime and corruption. The ministers of this country, especially by buying currency at cheap prices and saving it at high prices, have harmed their generation and caused billions of dollars to their country. When the growing power of the opposition started to be seen, it changed the country’s image and put all the abbreviations in its jaws and said, “Take the batan now, remove what needs to be removed.”

The people of Venezuela:

If we talk about the 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2023, we have an Islamic country Yemen at number four.Friends, the biggest problem of this Islamic country of Yemen is its instability. The main reason for this is the daily quarrel between the dirty socialist parties here. And today, the most human rights violations in the world are also happening in Yemen. Apart from this, through corruption, the sale of zaminar was also sold here at cheap prices and this truth was never brought before the public. And even today, no work would be done here without corruption.

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If we talk about the 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2023, we have an Islamic country, Syria, at number three.Friends, corruption in Syria is so high today that today it is called a failed country. Due to continuous internal wars and the control of the people by the army and high-level corruption, this country is suffering from a severe economic crisis. Rami Makhlouf, who is a billionaire businessman and the cousin of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, is said to be responsible. The biggest proof of this is the lavish lifestyle of their family. And looking at their pictures, it looks like a Bill Gutsey kid having fun in America with his kids. Makhlouf is said to control sixty percent of the wealth of Syria and therefore he also makes the rules of Syria. Conditions in Syria are so bad that if you go out to do your work in the morning. Yes, and if you did not give Makhlouf his share in the corruption, the Syrian forces would have reached your house by Syria. The Syrian government and the government system have become the real example of gangsterism. Protesters set fire to the house and called Bashar al-Assad a liar and a thief, and when the man saw his government leaving, he seized the assets of many people, including his cousin Maqoof, under the eTo corruption scare.

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02:South Sudan.

South Sudan is the second most corrupt country in the world.Friends, South Sudan was formerly a part of Sudan, which became independent ten years ago. Despite this, bribery and corruption have broken the back of this new country. And severe wars. Because of this, the economy has also been ruined here. It is a common practice to give expensive gifts in government departments and it is considered impossible to do any business with honor. It is the most corrupt industry in the world where you can’t even tell who is going to kill whom. According to a report of the United Nations, international investors are colluding with the officials here to buy the goods from here, which causes irreparable damage to the people and the economy of the country. There is often corruption in the work. It is done with the help of the army and if the people come out of the way, it would not be a problem to shoot to remove it. Here, the corruption system is so weak that the courts come under the influence of the government and do not touch the corrupt officers at all. No, which also shows how weak the courts here are.

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If we talk about the 10 most corrupt countries in the world in 2023, we have Somalia at number three.Friends, like Sudan and Syria, Somalia is also a country where the country’s system has been destroyed due to years of wars. And corruption has flourished everywhere. From 1986 to 1992, there was a bloody war here, after which This country is still in ruins. After this war, many efforts were made to save the country, but they failed miserably. The freedom of journalists here is not the same, which is why Dinah is here. Even the slightest knowledge about the evils that happened is not enough. Since the end of the war, hundreds of journalists have been killed here because of speaking the truth, and those who raise their voice against corruption here should be killed every day. The case is punished. It is because of this corruption that the group of Al-Shabaab terrorists has risen up against this government. And they have snatched a large part from the government. The situation of corruption in Somalia is that both the government and the Al-Shabaab group are responsible for this. The competition is going on who will collect more taxes from the poor people. The people of Somalia give tax to both parties at gun point and it would not benefit them at all and therefore Somalia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. That this poor African country undoubtedly comes in at number one.

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