Zareen Khan expressed his desire to come to Swat

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Zareen Khan had expressed her desire to come to Pakistan in the past. Famous actress Zareen Khan, who played the role of Princess “Yashodhra” in the Mumbai Bollywood film “Veer”, had expressed her desire to come to Pakistan in the past.

According to the details, Zareen Khan said in an interview that “She has a great desire to go to the Swat valley in the northern region of Pakistan, where her maternal grandfather belongs to.” The actress said that “her maternal grandfather lived in Swat and He came to India before independence on 15th August 1947, his grandfather used to tell him about the Swat region, and he saw old photographs of his grandfather and realized that Swat is a very beautiful place.

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From Zareen Khan Instagram:

Zareen Khan says that “he prays that relations between India and Pakistan will be restored and that he can visit his maternal grandfather’s Swat.” When she was there, a lot of Pashto was spoken in the house, her mother, aunts, and grandparents used to talk to each other in Pashto, but she did not learn Pashto. “She will say “Pakhir Raghale” to her Pashtun fans in Pakistan.Zareen Khan said that she is very excited to come to Pakistan.

From Zareen Khan Instagram:

Zareen Khan said that she was not at all interested in working in films, but maybe fate had something else written, but she will be forever grateful to Salman Khan.

From Zareen Khan Instagram:

It should be noted that in the beginning, Zareen Khan is called Katrina Kaif’s lookalike. Although the actress has done only a few films in her ten-year film career in Bollywood, she has been able to leave her mark through these films. She has also won several awards, and her most popular films include “Hate Story 3”, “Ready”, “Housefull 2” and “James Bond”.

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