Yasra Rizvi kept making people laugh for 3 days after her mother’s death

Yasra Rizvi kept making people laugh for 3 days after her mother's death

Actress Yasra Rizvi says that when her mother died, she did not cry loudly but kept talking to her mother, not only that but also kept people laughing for 3 days after her mother’s funeral. Recently, actress Yasir Rizvi gave an interview with journalist Maleeha Rehman where she made several revelations about her career, marriage, and personal life.

During the interview, Yasra Rizvi talked in detail about her drama serial ‘Shanaas’, Shanas is an emotional and thrilling story-based drama where a family’s decades-old secrets are revealed. Actresses Hajra Yameen, Syed Areez, Sania Saeed, Shahzad Nawaz, Yasra Rizvi, and others are included in the drama serial Shanas while this drama is also directed by Yasra Rizvi.

According to Yasra Rizvi, the conflicts between the characters in the play are shown through verbal repetition and dialogue instead of shouting, she believes that the differences between two people can also be through words, for that, shouting and shouting or No need to cry. The actress said that she wanted to show that the situation can be shown in different ways through drama.

Giving his example, he disclosed that ‘early this year, my parents died, during my mother’s funeral, I did not cry but was constantly talking to them, I was telling my mother not to be afraid. , Everything will be fine.’ Yasra Rizvi said that it takes courage to bathe your mother, the mother who is a young woman in front of you.


The actress said that during the bath and even after that, I was telling my mother that dear mother, don’t worry, you were a very good woman, everything will be fine. He said ‘I left the deceased until the ambulance, I did not cry at my mother’s funeral, seeing me, my cousins ​​were saying to their children, ‘Son, if we die one day, send us like this too. As Yasara Baji has sent her mother, don’t sit down crying.’

Yasra Rizvi added that after her mother’s funeral, she did not eat anything for three days, and she was not sleeping, even then tears did not come out of her eyes, recently I was making others laugh by telling jokes, 3 to 4 By day I was laughing myself, does that mean I’m not human? Aren’t these feelings okay? Also, during the interview, Yasra Rizvi revealed marrying a boy 10 years younger than her age when she got married, She released a video in which she married a boy many years younger than herself. The facts related to marriage were also told.

The actress said that many girls used the example of my marriage for themselves and it proved beneficial in many places. He said that after my marriage many girls got messages that they showed my video to their father who was not agreeing to his daughter’s marriage.


Yasra Rizvi said that many women do not allow their sons to marry older girls because there will be no children, but all these things are not in the hands of men and when my son was born, I was 38 years old. Yasra said that her son is the reason for her to live, ‘When I see my son, I think I should live.’ Yasra also revealed that her son has been a source of immense blessings and signs from Allah, especially when she was going through a very difficult and dark period in her life.

He said that at one time she was overcome with grief to such an extent that she prayed to Allah for life during Shab al-Qadr in Ramadan, after which she became pregnant two months later. That I have a life.’ During the interview, Yasra Rizvi also said that sometimes she thinks about quitting her job every other week because most of the people she meets or works with are very universal, but in the end, it turns out that everyone wants to be famous or make a name for themselves with celebrities.


Yasra Rizvi married playwright Abdul Hadi, 10 years younger than her, in January 2016. He said that at the time of marriage Yasra Rizvi was 34 years old while her husband was 24 years old. After a year of marriage, the actress has also told in an interview that she had to endure a lot to marry a boy a decade younger than her.

Later in 2021, a son was born to the couple, after which actress Yasra Rizvi appears less on screen and mostly works in the production team. It should be remembered that Yasra Rizvi has worked in many famous dramas including ‘Dunk’, ‘Dil Na Umid To Nahi’, ‘Angan’ and others, while she has also shown the essence of an actress in the successful film ‘Chadeel’.

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