Women do not have the right to live the life they want, Huma Q

Women do not have the right to live the life they want, Huma Q

The Indian actress said that women do not have the right to live the life they want. Huma Qureshi is an emerging actress in the Bollywood industry who has managed to make a name for herself in a very short period due to her acting.

Actress Huma Qureshi says that perfect hair or face is not important in my eyes, I am better for myself. In an interview, the actress revealed that she remembers how I was trolled based on my physique and was given examples of my friends who were smart and thin.

Even before this, the actress raised her voice about body shaming while talking to Cosmopolitan magazine in 2019. The actress said ‘We should always focus on the development of personality and individuality and not on straight hair and waist size. ‘

Huma Qureshi raised her voice in favor of women and said, “Why do we only talk about women and their bodies? Don’t women have the right to live the life they want?”

The actress further said that at the moment there are some states in America where women do not have the right to their bodies, and they cannot go through a legal abortion, this is a pity. What to do with it? Why should this be everyone’s problem? Isn’t it a woman’s personal choice? ’.

Huma further said about her choice, ‘I have never chased stars nor have I ever thought of becoming like them but I always wanted to see myself as an artiste who walks the red carpet. You can, you can go to Cannes every year, and you can do the whole fashion thing. I just love my fashion, I want to be that actor who has all these qualities.

It should be noted that the actress was born in Delhi on July 28, 1986. According to Indian media reports, after graduating from Delhi University’s Gargi College, he stepped into his commitment to acting. She was associated with several theater groups.
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