To earn money I do what no one else can do, Hareem Shah

To earn money I do what no one else can do, Hareem Shah

An old video of TikToker Hareem Shah is going viral, in which she talks about her earnings and says that she does things that no one else can do to earn money. A short video of Hareem Shah was shared on Instagram by YouTuber and podcaster Nader Ali, in which he appeared to be asking a question about earnings on TikTok.

The above short clip is from an interview Hareem Shah gave to Nader Ali 10 months ago, in which he discussed his earnings, marriage, and other matters.

In the interview, she said that her husband Bilawal Shah had first met at a party in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, where they became friends and then they got married.He had told that Bilawal Shah had proposed marriage to him, on which he had told him to contact his parents to ask for their relationship, and then their marriage took place only with the will of the parents.

Hareem Shah had said that at the time of her marriage, false news was spread that she was already married and a mother of children. He also said that much false news about him is being spread, a false news about his arrest in Turkey was also spread.

In response to a question, he made it clear that he did not earn money from audio or video leaks, he did not blackmail anyone with such leaks, and he only leaked audio or video of public figures to expose them to the public. They work to bring the truth.

He said that they do not leak the audio or video of any common person, but they leak only those who become polite in front of the public, and in reality, their appearance is different. Hareem Shah had said that if she wanted to earn money from video and audio leaks, she could have done many things, but she never thought of it.

When asked about his income, he said that he has many sources of income, and he has money from all sides. Hareem Shah said that he has so much money that he has been sent notices by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) several times and all this after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) started a money laundering investigation against him. After doing

Tik Talker had said that short video-sharing applications Likei and Snack Video were giving him Rs 7 lakh every month, while he did not consider the income from promotion on Tik Talker, including Facebook and Instagram, as his source of income.

According to him, he never considered the money coming through social media platforms as his income, the money coming from there is for light expenses. Hareem Shah said that wherever she goes outside Pakistan, her tickets are free, she has accommodation and she also gets paid to participate in events abroad.

He had said that he has his own house, his car, and his income in Pakistan, but he did not tell what is the main source of his income. Hareem Shah told the host’s question that she does things to earn money that no one else can do and she does a lot but she did not clarify what she does.

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