The trailer of the film Gunjal, based on true events, is out

The trailer of the film Gunjal, based on true events, is out

The first trailer of the new film Gunjal based on true events has been released in which actor Ahmed Ali Akbar will reveal many secrets. The film is based on the story and true events of journalist Shehbaz Bhatti, directed by Shoaib Sultan and produced by Nighat Akbar Shah.

Under the umbrella of Adoor Productions and Everyday Pictures, the film also features crime, thriller, conspiracy. The official Instagram account of the film released the trailer of Gunjal and the caption said that the story of Gunjal is based on the true story of journalist Shehbaz Bhatti, played by actor Ahmed Ali Akbar.

Shahbaz Bhatti raised his voice to reveal the truth behind the killing of child activist Irfan Masih, a brave young man who raised his voice against child labor in Pakistan during the 1990s and was killed by unknown assailants. was killed.

The film is made to uncover the hidden secrets, complex aspects and facts behind Irfan Bhatti’s murder. Ahmad Ali Akbar, who plays the role of journalist Shehbaz Bhatti in the trailer, says at one place that ‘There is no doubt that Irfan Masih’s murder was a conspiracy, there is a price to be paid for speaking the truth, not me. I knew that cruelty would be so blind.’

The cast of Ganjal also includes many talented and experienced actors, including Ahmed Ali Akbar, Resham, Amna Ilyas, Ahmed Ali Butt, Syed Muhammad Ali, Sarmad Aftab, Razia Malik, Sardar Nabil, Ali Aftab Saeed, Arham Khan, Ibtisam Mustafa, Habiba Sufyan, Ahsan Murad, Munir Khan and Usman are included.

Gunjal is not only a crime thriller, but also based on the bitter truth and pursuit of justice in the society where serious issues like child labor and social injustices are tried to be shed light on.
The film will release on December 8, 2023.

Talking about the film, actress Resham had said that years later when she was told the story of ‘Ganjal’, she immediately agreed to do the film. Discuss the topics that need to be discussed.

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