The female filmmaker even tore my clothes for a bold scene, Uorfi Javed

The female filmmaker even tore my clothes for a bold scene, Uorfi Javed

The female filmmaker even tore my clothes for a bold scene, aka Javed. Indian actress and model Uorfi Javed, who has faced criticism for wearing controversial clothes and adopting a unique fashion style, has revealed that a female filmmaker even tore her clothes on the set to shoot a bold scene.

Uorfi Javed spoke openly about her life for the first time in an interview given to ‘BBC Hindi‘ and said that she ran away from her parents’ home in Lucknow with her two sisters at a young age.

He said that his elder and younger sister also ran away from home with him and the three sisters first came to the capital New Delhi, from where they later came to Mumbai, the capital of the state of Maharashtra alone, and they were 19 years old at that time.

According to Uorfi Javed, his father used to torture his sisters, including him, to the point of abusing them, which led to them all running away from home. He said that as soon as he came to Mumbai, he started giving auditions on TV channels and after some time he started getting small jobs and his series continued.

According to Uorfi Javed, she lived a life of her own accord in Mumbai, She was lonely, and she continued to do other things including drinking as she wished, but then gradually she became busy.
She admitted that she underwent several make-up surgeries to make her way in showbiz, including her teeth, plumping up her lips, and enhancing her facial beauty.

The model and actress said that her teeth were protruding and her lips were extremely thin, which led to her being given advice and then realizing that she had to undergo make-up surgeries. She said that she gets the worst criticism for her clothes and style but now she is used to it.

According to Uorfi Javed, it sometimes takes more than a month for him to prepare a unique design.
Referring to the worst incidents that have happened in showbiz, Uorfi Javed said that he has been mistreated several times.

Narrating an incident, Uorfi Javed claimed that during the shooting of a web series, the female filmmaker forced her to take part in the shoot by tearing her clothes to shoot a nude scene.

Without naming the female filmmaker, she said that earlier she was only told that there were romantic scenes in the web series, but when she arrived for the shoot, she was asked to do a very inappropriate scene.

The model claimed that she was asked to shoot a nude gay scene and was tortured to the point where her clothes were torn, after which she complained to the actors’ union, which took her to the police. Advised to file a report.

According to Uorfi Javed, the police arrested the web series team on his complaint but then they were put under a lot of pressure after which they withdrew their plea and the web series team was released.

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