The drama’ Yaqeen Ka Safar’ changed my life overnight, Ahad Raza Mir

The drama' Yaqeen Ka Safar' changed my life overnight, Ahad Raza Mir

Renowned actor Ahad Raza Mir says that the drama ‘Yaqeen Ka Safar’ changed his life overnight, he also said that ‘until I went to Karachi, I didn’t know that my father was a celebrity.

Ahad Raza Mir is currently busy with projects in the Hollywood industry where he is trying his luck in international projects like Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ and the second season of BBC’s ‘World on Fire’.

He is also performing in live theater in Toronto, talking about his international project Hamlet Ahad Raza Mir told Toronto Live that ‘every actor has to play the role at least once. dreams, so it’s amazing to get a second chance, but I didn’t expect the project to be delayed for three years.’

The movie ‘Hamlet’ was originally scheduled to be shown in October 2020 but was delayed due to the coronavirus restrictions, Hamlet is a dramatization of the most popular novel ‘Hamlet, a Ghost Story’ written by the great writer of English literature, William Shakespeare.

Ahad Raza Mir’s role was ‘Hamlet’, Hamlet is a Danish prince who wants revenge on his father’s murderer (Uncle Claudio). In an interview, the actor said, “I worked with Netflix in ‘Resident Evil’ in 2021 and then World on Fire with BBC in 2022.”

The actor also talked about his journey from graduating from the University of Calgary’s theater program to entering the world of Pakistani television, saying, “I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, my grandfather. directed Pakistan’s first film, and my father was a well-known film star who also acted in several popular TV series.’

Ahad Raza Mir said that when my brother and I were teenagers, we shifted to Canada to live a normal life and we first came to Toronto but there were many Pakistanis here who knew my father, but we wanted to shift there. Unrecognizable, we then shifted to Calgary where I completed my BFA from the University of Calgary and worked there for about a year.’

Ahad Raza Mir said that he had first intended to move to Toronto, explaining that ‘I saw some apartments there, after meeting some people I went back to Pakistan for summer vacation, but I I never thought of starting my career in Pakistan.’

The actor said that after returning to Pakistan, he worked there for many years, just as Bollywood is famous for its films, Pakistan is famous for its dramas. I did a 26-episode drama serial in Pakistan. Worked on Drama ‘Yaqeen Ka Safar‘ which changed my life overnight.

Regarding the allegations of nepotism, Ahad Raza Mir said that people will say what they want to say, I think that a doctor’s child becomes a doctor or a lawyer’s child becomes a lawyer and they do not face many difficulties. Had to do. It’s not like I grew up in the acting world at all.’

He added, ‘Until I went to Karachi as a child, I did not know that my father was a celebrity. I will not deny that the family I belong to gave me many opportunities. Got it, but if people don’t like your work, people won’t watch you for long.

Ahad Raza Mir said that I am very lucky to have made my name known through several TV dramas.
Talking about his fans in Pakistan, Ahad Raza Mir said, “Privacy can be a bit of an issue, let’s just say that when I’m in Pakistan, I stay at home most of the time.”

Ahad Raza Mir had said that “maybe there is a Pakistani boy among my fans who would think, ‘If he can do it, I can do it too.'” Too much pressure is put on.’

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