Started his career as a support dancer, Actress Karan Haq

Started his career as a support dancer, Karan Haq

Karan Haq revealed that started his career as a support dancer, he was given lead roles after several years. Model and actress Kiran Haq has revealed that she started her career as a support dancer at a very young age while working as a junior artist for several years.

Karan Haq recently participated in the comedy program ‘Mazaq Raat’, where she spoke openly about the showbiz industry including her career.

She said that she became fame for the first time by acting in a drama called ‘Tere Pehlu Mein’, the said drama had five thousand episodes and she became famous instantly.

According to her, it took her a long time to become a lead actress and a junior artiste, but the same directors gave her lead roles, with whom she worked as a supporting actress.

He said that he had no passion for acting but he could not even know why he chose acting and how he adopted the said field.

Talking about one-sided love, Karan Haq said that he has never had one-sided love with any man, but he has had many people with him.

She admitted that she is very cunning and cunning, she understands what men’s eyes say and what they want from them, so she thwarted all the men’s attempts to have such a one-sided love.

Talking about the biggest success in life, he called his son the biggest success. In response to a question, she said that before marriage, her marital relations were less frequent because she did not want to get married.

She said that she thought that she should earn money to support the family, so she did not want to get married, because after marriage, girls cannot support the family.

The actress said that after marriage, women need the permission of their husbands, if they allow them to work or earn, will they earn money?

On this, in response to a question, she said that if her husband stops her from working, she will stop and not do any work.

Talking about the difficulties he faced at the beginning of his career, he said that he felt the most pain when a director would call him for a meeting in the beginning but he would not meet him.

The actress said that at that time she did not have a car, nor did she have enough money, so she used to come in a rickshaw and when called by the director, she waited outside his office for several hours. She used to go.

She admitted that at such times she was deeply disappointed and hurt and at the same time admitted that she used to cry because of such behaviour.

She said that her first earnings as an actress were Rs 3,000, initially as a support dancer and then as a junior artiste after many years in leading roles.

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