Sarwat Gilani announcement to become a mother for the third time

Sarwat Gilani announcement to become a mother for the third time

The announcement of Pakistani actress Sarwat Gilani becoming a mother for the third time. Actress Sarwat Gilani shared a photo with the team of the film Joyland and announcement that she is expecting her third child.

Sarwat Geelani married actor and renowned plastic surgeon Fahad Mirza in 2014, the couple also have two sons, Rohan Mirza born in 2015, and Ariz Muhammad Mirza born in 2017.

Now 40-year-old actress Sarwat Geelani has confirmed that she is pregnant for the third time on the social media platform Instagram.

Sharing a picture with the team of the film ‘Joyland’, the actress wrote, ‘There is no better picture to announce the arrival of a new guest, we are all celebrating today and looking forward to tomorrow. ‘

It can be seen in the picture that actor and director Sarmad Khost, filmmaker Saim Sadiq, Aleena Khan, and other actors are present with Sarwat Geelani.

It should be remembered that actress Sarwat Gilani also worked in the award-winning film ‘Joyland’.

After the actress announced that she would soon become a mother for the third time, her co-stars also wrote congratulatory messages.

Model and actress Amna Ilyas, Ayesha Malik, Ghana Ali, and Meera Sethi congratulated Sarwat Geelani by expressing good wishes.

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