Sanofi girls are given negative and sensual roles, Amna Ilyas

Sanofi girls are given negative and sensual roles, Amna Ilyas

Model and actress Amna Ilyas say that even though the showbiz industry has improved compared to the past, even now, dark-skinned girls are still given negative and sexy roles, they are shown smoking on screen.

Amina Ilyas is usually seen playing bold and strong characters in dramas and films, while she has also been outspoken on color and beauty standards in showbiz. She has said several times in the past that in the showbiz industry, even today, women are discriminated against on the issue of color and beauty, and preference is given to fair-skinned actresses.

Recently, he gave an interview to the broadcasting organization ‘VOA Urdu’, in which he talked about his projects and other showbiz matters.The actress said that she does not deliberately take a break from the showbiz industry, but the situation is such that people think that she took a break.

Amina Ilyas said that until a few years ago, her focus was only on modeling, so she appeared less in dramas, then when she started getting more offers in dramas, she stopped focusing on modeling.
Naha hoped that she would continue to be offered dramas and films and would not take a long break again.

In response to a question, he said that due to the lack of OTT platforms in Pakistan, there is also non-availability of internet across the country, while in India there are high-speed internet services even in villages, due to which there are OTT platforms. There are also forms. Amina Ilyas while talking about her roles claimed that she is offered such strong characters.

The actress also said that some actresses in the showbiz industry are afraid of playing the role of a middle-aged woman or a mother and they have set a standard for heroines by not playing a middle-aged woman.

Talking about color and beauty standards in showbiz, Amina Ilyas said that although the showbiz industry has improved in this regard compared to the past, still in other countries, including Pakistan, negative roles are given to fair-skinned actresses.

Amina Ilyas said that women are still discriminated against in the showbiz industry based on skin color and fair-skinned girls are shown on screen in a bold and sexy way. He said that it is in everyone’s mind that if someone has to be shown on screen in a jeans pant shirt, then a dark-skinned girl will be cast for it, such girls are also shown smoking.

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