Performed 6 Umrah in five months, Maya Khan

Performed 6 Umrah in five months, Maya Khan

Actress and TV host Maya Khan has revealed that she got the blessing of Umrah 6 times in just five months after getting multiple visa facilities. The actress recently appeared on Sama TV’s morning show, where she opened up about her personal life and showbiz career, among other things.

She admitted that a few years back in 2017, she was going through some of the toughest situations in her life, but she did not elaborate on her difficulties. According to Maya Khan, in 2017, when she went to Umrah for the first time, she prayed to God to make things easier for her.

He said that after praying, as soon as he reached the Saudi immigration authorities, he was told that if he had a single US or UK visa on his passport, he would be provided with the facility of multiple Saudi visas. Maya Khan said that she had a UK visa attached to her passport, so she happily handed over her passport to the Saudi authorities, who allotted her a multiple visa number.

According to the actress and TV host, after being granted a multiple visa, the authorities told her that she can come to Saudi Arabia whenever she wants and as often as she wants throughout the year. He laughed and said that after receiving the above news, he started crying with joy and the Saudi immigration authorities were worried, they even gave him coffee to make him happy.

Maya Khan revealed that after getting a multiple visa, she got the blessing of Umrah 6 times in just five months. Referring to the happiness of Umrah, he said that seeing the Kaaba is also considered as worship and when a person goes there, he realizes that the kingdom belongs to only one caste.

The actress said that while going to Kaaba Sharif, one feels that it is truly God’s house and by going there, one realizes how beautiful the color black is because the color of the cover of Kaaba is black.

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