People were angry for showing a young wife pregnant in ‘Mayi Ri’

People were angry for showing a young wife pregnant in 'Mayi Ri'

Social media users are expressing their anger for showing a young wife pregnant in the drama ‘Mayi Ri’, which is based on the theme of early marriage. In ‘Mayi Ri’, Aina Asif plays the role of a young wife while her husband is played by Samar Abbas and both are 15 years old.

Through the play, an attempt is being made to discourage early marriage in the society and show how child marriage ruins their lives. Although the drama has already shown the marriage of Aina Asif and Samar Abbas and the two have also been shown romantically as a young couple.

But in the fortieth episode of the drama aired on September 11, Aina Asif’s pregnancy was shown, which many users expressed surprise and criticized the story of the drama and the actress herself. In the fortieth episode, it is shown that the young Aina Asif faints and screams as she goes to open the door after giving food to her husband, after which she is taken to the hospital.

In the episode, it is shown that Lady Dr. Aina informs Asif’s husband and his mother in the hospital that the young wife is pregnant and at the same time, Lady Dr. Aina also scolds Asif’s family as to why they got married at such a young age. went However, many users expressed their anger on showing a young wife pregnant in the episode and said that what was the need to show such a young girl pregnant in the drama?

In this way, some people also criticized Aina Asif and her parents that how did they allow their daughter to play such a role? Some social media users shared the video clips of Mayi Ri and wrote that it doesn’t matter if the final episode shows that marrying young and having children was a bad decision, but the drama shows the young marriage. And showing a girl’s pregnancy is wrong.

Social media users wrote that surely showing a young wife pregnant would have given good ratings to ‘Mayi Ri’, but the brain of the drama makers is not working, they are showing such scenes. Some users expressed surprise that all this is being shown in Pakistani dramas.

Some users also pointed out that the young married couple were shown to be very romantic towards each other, which might inspire others to do the same.

Some people wrote that the forty episodes of the drama showed how much a young husband cares for and loves his young wife, which made people think of the boy as good and then move on. The bride is shown to be pregnant, after which people are now realizing that it was all wrong?

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