Pakistanis like all good Indian things but Indians don’t, Adnan Sidiqi

Pakistanis like all good Indian things but Indians don't, Adnan Sidiqi

Popular actor Adnan Siddiqui says that Pakistani people are more tolerant and peace-loving than Indians and Pakistanis like every Indian thing that is good, but Indian people do not. Adnan Siddiqui gave an interview with ‘Indian Express‘. I complained that Pakistani people like good Indian cricketers, movie stars, and other things but Indian people don’t.

He claimed that Pakistani people are more tolerant than Indians, but politics is done across borders. During the interview, Adnan Siddiqui admitted that Pakistani films cannot compete with Bollywood films, but it is also a fact that Indian dramas cannot compete with Pakistani dramas.

He said that Pakistani films are like Indian dramas while Indian dramas are like Pakistani films. According to the actor, Pakistan has more stars and writers in the TV industry, whereas, in the 70s and 80s, there was no competition for Pakistani dramas all over the world.

Adnan Siddiqui expressed happiness that soon after a long time, fans will be able to watch his most popular drama ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ on TV screen. According to him, in 2017, when he went to India to shoot for the film ‘Moom’ with Sridevi, he went to Old Delhi for some food, where he was surrounded by Indian fans.

According to him, before leaving, he was told by producer Boney Kapoor to take security with him as he might be harassed by fans. According to Adnan Siddiqui, he had told Boney Kapoor that no one would recognize him here, but he was stunned when he reached Old Delhi and was surrounded by fans.

In response to a question, Adnan Siddiqui said that it is true that art has no boundaries, but it is a fact that an artist has certain responsibilities and limitations. He said that artists should be allowed to work in both countries and the popularity of Pakistani songs in India shows that people there like Pakistani artists.

During the interview, the actor revealed that even after working in ‘Moom’, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s manager kept asking him to work in Bollywood, but at that time the situation was such that he had to think a lot.
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