Noor Cannes award-winning Pakistani film

Noor Cannes award winning Pakistani film

We will take a look at the story of the Cannes award winning Pakistani film ‘Noor’. The Cannes award-winning Pakistani short film ‘Noor’ is the story of a girl who faces various challenges due to her visual impairment.

The story of the film reflects the attitudes of the society that are often faced by visually impaired people and people are not afraid to comment on such people.
You must have seen glasses wearers around you going through such situations when people consider it normal to call them by different names and they find wearing glasses as a defect, similar to characters in the story of the movie “Noor”. are shown.
The main character of the film is played by 8-year-old Tanisha, who is a child artist, but her pronunciation and dialogue delivery is perfect, while actor Umair Rana is seen in the role of Noor’s father, who looks after his wife and daughter. There is an objection to the placement and Sarwat Geelani has appeared in the role of Noor’s Island.
In this story written by Farah Usman, there is not a single moment that viewers feel is an extra part of the script.

In an interview given to a private TV channel, Farah said that she had written a story before this one in which the main character was an 8-year-old girl, but it was about a father-daughter relationship. There were no climbs.

Noor Cannes Award-Winning Pakistanit Film actor Omair Rana

He said that the second time he wrote the script, the story felt much stronger and better.

He said, “We had no idea that a small story would go to Cannes and ‘Noor’ would get the best health film award at the Cannes World Film Festival.”
Farah said that she had decided to write something different from Saas-Bahu’s stories a long time ago, but if someone still asks her to make something different, she will work on it.

Umar Adil, the director of this film, took 2 to 3 months to complete ‘Noor’ but he had to go through many stages to reach Cannes.
Director Umar Adil speaking at the screening event of the film held at an institute in Karachi said that we have been working in the field of health and development for the past ten years when Farah and I were introduced to ‘Sight Savers’ and ‘White Rice’. As for the purpose, they didn’t give us an idea to make a short film, we planned to adapt this story or this message into a short film because the audience for short films is a bit different and bigger.
Umar told GeoDigital that he did not think that the film would go to Cannes, as the online edition category was introduced in the film festival and we managed to win an award in this category for the first time.

He said that it was a bit difficult to work with child artists but it turned out to be a good experience.
In 2017, Umar Adil has also been the director of the film ‘Chale Thay Saath’ which was not successful at the box office, however, the 17-minute-long ‘Noor’ has brought many steps of success and fame for Umar.

Speaking at an event, actress Sarwat Geelani said that people say I do different things, but it took me 20 years to reach here, I was also working in Saas-Bahu’s dramas.

He said that Pakistan’s independent cinema is making its mark all over the world, I am grateful to God to see that because the stories made here are made according to objectives and themes.
She said that Noor’s story is also similar in that it shows the weakness of vision (eyewear stigma), as a mother I can understand how many children suffer from this problem and are called by different names. Like ‘Chishmish Agya’, and ‘Chishmato hai’, we have seen people laughing at such things, and we don’t understand what effect this will have on this child.
She said that as a mother and as an artist I worked in this film because its message is very beautiful and simple.

It should be noted that the audience will not get songs, action scenes, and comedy in the short film ‘Noor’ offered by C-Prime, but the interesting subject will not let the viewers feel bored.

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