Namira Saleem became the first Pakistani to travel to space

Namira Saleem became the first Pakistani to travel to space

Pakistani astronaut Namira Saleem has created a new history by reaching space, she has become the first Pakistani to travel in space. Namira Salim arrived in the US yesterday for a space flight through a private space flight company called Virgin Galactic of California established in 2004.

According to Pakistani time, last night at 8:40 PM, the Virgin Galactic Commercial Space Liner’s mission named Galactic 04 departed from the spaceport of New Mexico.

On this mission, 3 tourists, including Namira Salim, traveled to space, including British advertising executive Trevor Beatty and American astronomer Ron Rosano.

In a space travel mission in which tourists go outside Earth’s orbit and then return, the spacecraft called Galactic 04 is carried up to 50,000 feet above Earth by a special mothership, and then launched by a rocket motor engine. Reached through space.

Virgin Galactic also shared videos from inside the spacecraft on social media.

After the space travel, the space flight landed on the earth at 9:43 PM.

Dubai-based Pakistani adventurer Namira Saleem has waited for 17 years to fulfill her dreams, she bought a ticket for space travel in 2006 by paying 200,000 dollars.

After the successful space travel, Namira Saleem shared the photo on her X account and wrote ‘Travel from space to earth, first Pakistani astronaut, first female virgin galactic astronaut’.

Who is Namira Saleem:

Namira Saleem is a Pakistani astronaut who resides in Dubai, the government of Pakistan named Namira Saleem as the first Pakistani astronaut in 2006.

Pakistani astronaut Baznmeera Saleem has also received the honor of being the first Pakistani woman to reach the North Pole in April 2007 and the South Pole in January 2008. She has also received the honor of being a woman and was awarded the Tagha Imtiaz in 2011.

The female astronaut was also awarded the Femina Middle East Women Award in 2016 for her passion and passion for space exploration.

Pakistani astronaut Nimrah Saleem said that I always say that space is in my DNA and when I was very young I used to tell my parents not to let me play with toys because I wanted to go to space and they said. That when I was 14 years old. My father bought me the first telescope.’

In an interview with Arab News, Namira Saleem said that in January 2006, I signed a contract with Virgin Galactic and bought a ticket, but who knew then that it would take 17 years to fulfill this dream? ‘

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