My family has not even seen any of my dramas, Zabab Rana

My family has not even seen any of my dramas, Zabab Rana

Actress Zabab Rana, who has played lead roles in dramas like ‘Naseebon Jali‘ and ‘Bandash‘, says that her family is so supportive of her entry into the showbiz industry that they have not seen any of her dramas.

Zabab Rana is known for her role as Alina in the drama serial ‘Mere Khudaiya’ and Haniya in the drama serial ‘Bandash’, she was also nominated for the Best Emerging Actress at the Lux Style Awards. Zabab Rana made his acting debut with the Hum TV series ‘Naseebu Jali’.

The young actress appeared on the YouTube channel Faiza Beg Show, where she shared that her family supports her so much that they have not watched a single drama of hers to date. Zabab Ran said that I do not remember that my mother, sister or brother remember any of my plays.

Zabab Rana said, “But my family supports me in my career, I got a lot of love from them, and always stayed with me.” The actress also said that people say that one does not have to work hard in positive roles, but that is not the case, one has to work hard in these roles too. ‘He said ‘Crying in dramas is not an easy task, I don’t know how to fake cry.’

The actress is one of the actresses in the showbiz industry who have made a name for themselves in the industry in a short period thanks to her brilliant acting. Zabab Rana showed his acting skills in the drama serial ‘Woh Pagal Si ‘Bhadas’, Rishte Bukte Hai, Bandash and Mere Khudaiya popular Pakistani dramas.

He also sang in ‘Teri Photo’ for Kashmir Beat which was also a huge fan favorite, the video of this song has been viewed by 9.4 million people so far.

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