‘Lipo Sa Sachin, Jhengar Sa Boy’ songs on Seema Haider viral

'Lipo Sa Sachin, Jhengar Sa Boy' songs on Seema Haider viral

‘Lipo Sa Sachin, Jhengar Sa Boy’ songs made on Seema Haider, a girl who ran away from Pakistan, went viral. While the news is being broadcast in the Indian media about the Pakistani woman who left Pakistan and reached India, Seema Haider, their musicians, and comedians have also jumped into this issue and have prepared songs on the said issue.

Seema Haider arrived in India from Pakistan via Nepal in July, where she took up residence with a young man from Uttar Pradesh named Sachin and later claimed to have married the young man according to Hindu rites.

Seema Ghulam Haider is a resident of Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, and she arrived there with her children, her husband Ghulam Haider Jakhrani earns in Saudi Arabia. Although the investigation against Seema Haider for his illegal entry into India is still ongoing and the government there also suspects that he is a Pakistani spy he has also filed an appeal to the President of India for granting him citizenship.

While the Pakistani people were surprised when Seema Haider arrived in India and fell in love with a boy younger than her and with a fair complexion, Indian women also expressed their surprise. Among such women was a woman from Haryana, who in a TV interview for Seema Haider’s boyfriend called him ‘lipu sa Sachin’ and said, “What is the matter that Seema came here from Pakistan?”

The clip of the interview of the said lady went viral and many comedians also made funny songs on it. Two days ago, the host of an FM radio station there also made a song on the viral clip of the Indian woman. Malishka, the host of ‘Red FM’, made a song on ‘Lipo Sa Sachin’ which went viral instantly.

After him, a YouTuber named Sachin Awasthi also made a song on ‘Lipo Sa Sachin’ which went viral on the internet. Now the famous parody musician Yash Raj Mukhate has also made a parody video on ‘Lipo Sa Sachin’, which is being loved by internet users. Yash Raj Mukhate has also in the past made parody songs on clips that went viral in India as well as Pakistan, he also made a music video for ‘Pawari ho rahi hai’.

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