Kabli Pulao Drama Cast, Story & Release Date

Kabli Pulao Drama Cast

Kabli Pulao Drama Cast, Story & Release Date about we will talk. Kabli Pulao Drama serial is written by Pakistan’s famous drama writer Zafar Meraj. He started dramatization in 1991 and he wrote about 20 plays for PTV from 1991 to 2011. And wrote about 25 dramas for many TV channels. Miraj Zafar’s famous PTV dramas include Amarbel, Dozakh, Ladla, Kuwahzade (on the Kashmir earthquake), What is Pakistan Means (on Independence Day), Lyari? Includes express, waiting, and home sake. Meraj Zafar’s other famous dramas include Ajiran, Safid Posh, Awrat Aur Char Diwari, Imam Zaman, Lashkar, Marham and Ankar. The director of the drama serial Kabli Palao is Kashif Nasir while Qaiser Ali is the producer of this drama. Drama serial Kabli Palao. It will be aired on the Pakistani TV channel Green Entertainment from May 31.

Genres: Drama
Directors: Kashif Nasir
Writers: Zafar Meraj
Release Date: 28 May 2023
Air Time: Every Tuesday at 8:00 PM
Duration: 40 Mint
Channel Name: Green Entertainment
Productions: Multiverse Entertainment
Country of origin: Pakistan

Kabli Pulao | Official Trailer

Sabina Farooq and Ehtishamuddin are playing the lead roles in the drama Kabli Pulao. Sabina Farooq is seen as a villain in the drama serial Tere Bin. Sabina Farooq is playing the role of an Afghan woman who is from Pakistan. Ajati comes and here she has to face a lot of difficulties. Sabina Farooq was specially selected for this play because the director wanted an actress who could act well and also speak Pashto well. Sabina Farooq has played the role of a Pathani very well in the drama serial Sanu Chanda she was liked a lot in the role of a Pathani and people felt that she is a Pathani. Sabina said in an interview that her father is Punjabi but her mother is Pathani. Neither Pashto nor Punjabi is spoken in our house. The words have been learned.

In the drama Kabli Pulao, an old man named Haji Mushtaq is shown. The role of Mushtaq is played by the famous director Ehtshamuddin. Mushtaq is around 50 years old, but he is still young. He is not married till then and the reason may be his family’s conspiracies or maybe his sisters or sisters-in-law are taking control of his earnings and that is why they are not allowing him to get married but the real story is the drama. You will know by seeing. Mushtaq meets Pathani, a widow, whom her family wants to sell, and Mushtaq supports Sabina by giving her money. It will also be fun. Kabli Pulao is the story of a foreign girl being an adult in a foreign country. In this drama, an attempt has been made to show the character of the Afghan girl as very natural.

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In the famous cast of the drama serial Kabli Pulao, Muhammad Ehtshamuddin who is playing the role of Haji Mushtaq, Sabina Farooq is playing the role of Barbina, Nada Afghan is playing the role of Shamim, and Abdullah Farhat is playing the role of Baran.

Sabeena Farooq: Barbeena
Mohammed Ehteshamuddin:
Haji Mushtaq
Nadia Afgan:
Abdullah Farhatullah:
Adnan Shah Tipu:
Chaudhry Qayyum
Haseeb Khan:
Munazzah Arif:
Saqib Sameer:
Ghaffar Butt
Fajar Khan: Ayesha Qayyum
Umer Dar:
Inspector Ilyas
Farzana Taheem:
Momina Aiela Chaudhry: Rimsha

Kabli Pulao Drama cast M.Ehtshmuddin
Kabli Pulao Drama cast Sabina Farooq
Sabina Farooq:
Nida Afghan:
Abdullah Farhat:

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