Idiot Drama Cast, Writer, Story & Time

Idiot Drama Cast, Writer, Story & Time

Green Entertainment is soon going to air the drama serial Idiot with the main cast of Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha.


Idiot Drama Serial Cast Name. Idiot drama is written by Pakistani drama writer Kifayat Rodani, whose famous dramas include Kash Main Teri Beti Na Hoti, Mann Ke Moti, and Khafa Khafa. The director of Idiot Drama Serial is Pakistan’s famous drama and film director Anjum Shahzad. The idiot Drama will air on 26th May 2019 on Green Entertainment.

Genres: Drama
Directors: Anjum Shahzad
Writers: Kifayat Rodani
Release Date: 26 May 2023
Air Time: Every Friday at 8:00 PM
Duration: 40 Mint
Channel Name: Green Entertainment
Productions: Multiverse Entertainment
Country of origin: Pakistan

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Ahmad Ali Akbar is playing the lead role in the drama Serial Idiot. After the success of Parizaad, he was offered scripts for numerous dramas and films, but he preferred to work in the drama Serial Edit because of the unique character of the drama.

The script and the story. Dosto Just like in the Hollywood films 3 Idiot, PK, and Lal Singh Chadha, Aamir Khan plays a character who cries out of the ordinary people and questions topics that people are talking about. Afraid. Similarly, Ahmed Ali Akbar’s character also questions and challenges the values ​​and norms created by society, and in return, he gets to hear the word edit from everyone because the truth is always bitter. Everyone knows about the harsh realities of society but no one likes to talk about it, everyone is a sinner but no one admits their mistakes. Ahmad Ali Akbar is playing a similar role in the drama serial Idiot. On the other hand, he tries to mirror and correct everyone, but in return, he only gets the title of Idiotor.

Idiot Drama Serial cast Ali Ahamad Akbar

Ahmed Ali Akbar and Mansha Pasha are among the main cast of the drama Idiot. The supporting cast of the drama serial Idiot includes Shamyl Khan, Sara Ejaz, Atiqa Odho, Humbal Khan, Saleem Sheikh, Anjum Habibi, Laila Zuberi and Sana Humayun.

Ahmed Ali Akbar: Gulzar
Mansha Pasha:
Atiqa Odho:
Gulzar’s Dadi
Saleem Sheikh:
Shamyl Khan:
Sara Ejaz:
Gulzar’s Sister
Humbal Khan:
Anjum Habibi:
Laila Zuberi:
Sana Humayun:

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Idiot Drama Serial cast Mansha Pasha
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