It was rumored that Mahim Aamir charges Rs 6 lakh for a day of shooting

It was rumored that Mahim Aamir charges Rs 6 lakh for a day of shooting

Actress Mahim Aamir has said that a rumor was spread about her that she charges a fee of Rs 6 lakh for a day while shooting, but the reality is the opposite. Mahim Aamir recently appeared on Ayaz Simo’s show ‘The Night Show’, where he opened up about his personal life including showbiz.

During the program, he revealed that although his mother tongue is Urdu, he started his career with a Sindhi language morning show. He said that he did a morning show called ‘Salam Sindh’ on ‘Sindh TV’ and he learned Sindhi language in just 15 days, but still he did not understand many things.

According to Mahim Amir, later he started working in theater and there he also met Faizan Sheikh.
According to him, while doing theater, a director noticed him and immediately offered him a role in a play, thus starting his showbiz career. In response to a question, Mahim Aamir said that he had become good friends with Faizan Sheikh and seeing their friendship, his and Faizan’s family members started thinking about their relationship.

He said that Faizan Sheikh’s mother proposed marriage to her son on the shooting set, on which she told her to find out from her son first, on which her mother-in-law said to leave her worries. Mahim Amir said that Faizan Sheikh’s mother also talked about marriage with his mother and that’s how they got married.

In response to a question, he said that till date there was no serious fight between husband and wife after marriage and neither of them saw each other’s angry face. The actress said that after the birth of her daughter, she now does everything for her daughter, that’s why she appears less in dramas.

Narrating a childhood story, Mahim Amir said that when she was a student of class 10, a boy teased her in the Sunday market, so she beat the boy, on which her mother stopped her and said that the boy will die. According to them, since they were tall, they grabbed the boy by the neck and beat him so that he became paralyzed.

He revealed that he had beaten up the boys several times for flirting before marriage and also advised the girls to be brave and slap the miscreants. Regarding the rumor spreading about her on social media, she said that in a YouTube video, it was claimed about her that she receives Rs 6 lakh a day for shooting.

The actress said that this is completely false, she does not charge so much money, although if she is shooting for an advertisement, she can charge so much, but she does not charge so much for shooting a drama.

At the same time, he claimed that no actor in showbiz would take 6 lakh rupees a day while shooting a drama. It should be noted that Faizan Sheikh and Mahim Aamir got married in August 2018 and both are considered romantic couples, the couple had their first daughter in December 2021.

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