In India Pakistani are not given central or good roles, Mikal Zulfiqar

In India Pakistani are not given central or good roles, Mikal Zulfiqar

Well-known Pakistani actor Mikal Zulfikar, who has worked in Bollywood films in the past, says that Pakistani actors are not given the lead and good roles in India.

The actor recently appeared on Mohib Mirza’s show, where he spoke candidly about the Indian film industry, including showbiz. Mikal Zulfikar admitted that his produced film ‘Money Back Guarantee’ did not earn as well as he had thought.

According to him, although his film managed to earn well, he had thought a lot about its business.
According to Mikal Zulfikar, no actor in Pakistan can dance, but Ahsan Khan and Faisal Qureshi dance well.

He said that Pakistani actors rehearse the songs and dances two weeks before the shooting of the film and that Pakistani films do not have roles in which they have to dance, so in their opinion any male actor in Pakistan is good. Not a dancer.

In response to a question, he said that when he was new in showbiz, he had a great desire to win awards and was nominated several times but did not get the awards.

He admitted that at the beginning of his career, he was sad and heartbroken not to get awards, but then he found a way to get awards and then he got awards.

Talking about the films, he said that soon he will make a film on the life of a wrestler from the subcontinent and it will be one of the biggest films in the history of Pakistan.

He said that he would prefer to work in films than dramas. When asked about working in India, Mikal Zulfiqar reiterated his determination that he will not go to work there again.

According to Mikal Zulfikar, he went there and learned that India people misuse Pakistani actors, they don’t give them lead and good roles.

He said that Indians will give such a role to any big Pakistani actor, which will make it clear that he is not an Indian but a Pakistani, and usually such roles are given, which brings disrespect to the actors in Pakistan.

Mikal Zulfiqar said that Pakistani actors should not do such work for the sake of money and that artists are highly respected in Pakistan.

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