If you write Neelam Munir on Google, why does Ahsan Khan’s name come up with her

If you write Neelam Munir on Google, why does Ahsan Khan's name come up with her

Well-known actor Ahsan Khan has said that he has no idea why Neelam Munir name is written on Google, why does his name appear with him? Ahsan Khan recently appeared on the podcast of ‘FHM Magazine’, where he opened up about acting and his relationship with Neelam Munir, among other things.

Speaking in the program, he said that people who put pictures and posts of their children on social media about their class position are making other people and children feel inferior. He said that with such an act, other children may be shocked and the question may arise in their mind that they and their parents may be at fault for not getting the position on their behalf.

Similarly, he also discouraged publicizing other prostitutes on social media and said that such an act may cause depression in other people. On the question of India sending a mission to the moon, he expressed his happiness and said that Indians have worked hard, for which they got success.
At the same time, he said that India’s going to the moon should not be compared with Pakistan. The problems are different.

Ahsan Khan said that we should not be worried about our neighbors going to the moon, we should be concerned that when we do something wrong, we should be ashamed of it. According to him, if children are mistreated and minorities are wronged in Pakistan, then it will be a matter of shame.
In response to another question, the actor said that he thinks the situation in Pakistan is not as bad as it is being told and explained.

He said that the people who are leaving Pakistan and moving abroad are those who have some money and are eligible to buy a place abroad. Ahsan Khan said that the people who migrated abroad from Pakistan have reduced their earnings only a little, so they are going abroad, although there is no such situation that they have to leave the country.

According to him, every nation and country in the world faces difficult situations and such situations should be faced with determination. If good people leave Pakistan, who will manage the system here?
During the program, when he was asked to write Neelam Munir name on Google, then the name of Ahsan Khan came up. why like this?

To this, Ahsan Khan replied that he was not aware of the fact that this was the case but it would probably be because the two had worked together more and their work was also liked. He said that if something like this is happening on Google, he does not know about it and neither does he have a hand in it, but it will be the work of the people and their fans.

He also said that he has worked with many other girls besides Neelam Munir and his work with them has also been appreciated.

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