I don’t know anything about cricketers and politicians, Nida Yasir

I don't know anything about cricketers and politicians, Nida Yasir

Famous TV host Nida Yasir has admitted that she doesn’t know much about cricketers and politicians, she takes information about cricketers from her sister before doing shows.

Nida Yasir recently participated in the comedy show ‘Gap Shab‘ along with her sister sports journalist Sveera Pasha, where she opened up about the mistakes she made in her morning shows and the viral video clips of those mistakes.

Nida Yasir said that she enjoys hosting more than acting, however, she watches dramas and is knowledgeable about showbiz.

She said that acting used to take a lot of time, but now she has become a mother of three children, so she doesn’t have time either when she is doing the morning show, and then her children go to school.

In response to a question, she said that acting was her first love, but her husband Yasir Nawaz was her first love.

Speaking in the program, he said that his childhood was also spent in the European country of Germany and he studied four classes there, he also knows German language and speaks in German language.

She claimed that she was smarter than all her sisters in studies and is still studying fashion, after which she will start her own fashion business after taking small business-related courses.

Talking about the mistakes made in morning shows and her videos going viral, Nida Yasir said that in the beginning she used to worry about her videos going viral, but now it doesn’t.

According to him, he is happy that no one is hurt by his mistakes, but people are happy to see his viral videos.

She admits that she does not know much about sports especially cricket and cricketers, whenever cricketers are invited to a program, she first takes complete information about the said person from her sister Sawira Pasha.

In response to a question, Nida Yasir said that she knows Misbah-ul-Haq, she has also met him, but she should not be asked for any more information about him.

Nida Yasir narrated an incident that many years ago she along with her husband Yasir Nawaz were guests in a show, where cricketer Dinesh Kanera and his wife were also guests but she and her husband did not meet the cricketer and his wife. He did not recognize his wife.

According to her, she and her husband kept asking each other who they were but they did not remember anything, then they dared to ask the cricketer who are you?

According to Nida Yasir, upon questioning her, Dinesh Kaneria’s wife introduced herself with respect and affection.

Speaking during the program, he admitted that he does not even know about most of the politicians, so he does not invite them to the programs.

He admitted that he made countless mistakes while doing morning shows, the videos of which went viral, those are a few mistakes and they are very small and relatively new mistakes.

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