I came in the showbiz industry because of Sanam Jung, Sahar Khan

I came in the showbiz industry because of Sanam Jung, Sahar Khan

Actress Sahar Khan, who worked in the famous drama serial Fairy Tale, says that she came into the showbiz industry because of actress Sanam Jung. Actress Sahar Khan, who shot to fame at a young age, recently starred in the popular drama serial Fairy Tale, in which she played the role of Umid opposite Hamza Sohail.

The drama has gained a lot of popularity due to its humorous storyline and due to its popularity, its season 2 was also aired. Before Fairy Tail, Sahar Khan worked in many Pakistani dramas including ‘Main Agar Chip Hoon’, ‘Saanori’, ‘Zakham’, ‘Mushk’, ‘And Rang Mahal’, but Sahar Khan is famous for the drama serial Fairy Tale.

The actress recently gave an interview to Something Hot where she talked about her career as well as the fame and personal life of Pharrell Tail. Talking about the drama Fairy Tail, Sahar Khan said that he had rejected the script of Fairy Tale 8 times.

She explained that I had not read the script of Fairy Tail, I was busy with another project at that time, so I had rejected Fairy Tail 8 times. Sahar Khan said that on the insistence of the director when they read the script, I changed my mind and decided that I had to do it.

Talking about her career, the actress said that the first drama of her career was ‘Saanuri’ after which people started recognizing her, It was fun when people recognized her because of her drama. He said that after entering the drama industry, I was not able to give time to my family, because of which everyone in my family was angry with me, but my family was very happy because of my work.

Talking about her entry into the showbiz industry, she said I wonder how I got into the showbiz industry, My father never allowed me to enter this field, but yes, I was fond of becoming a singer. I wanted people to deliver me. Sahar Khan said that the main reason for entering the showbiz industry is actress Sanam Jung.

Sahar Khan said that a friend of mine made him meet Sanam Jung, Sanam Jung made me meet a director and then I auditioned and got selected. Sahar said that after being selected for the audition, my grandfather gave me permission, after which the family had no objection to my decision.

“Love is a fool’s errand, I fear heartbreak”

Talking about marriage, Sahar said ‘My parents don’t talk about my marriage, I have a different idea, I don’t agree with the fairy tale story that a prince will come and save the girl, but I believe that a girl should be confident and successful.’

In response to a question, he also said that he had never been in love in his life, “I think I have become wiser, love is the work of fools”. She added that I am very afraid of relationships, I am very afraid of heartbreak when you give your time to someone and in the end you get cheated, it is hard to bear, but heartbreak is also necessary. Is.

Sahar said but I want the person I give my time to deserve it, lest I choose the wrong person and regret it later, so I am just waiting now, my Focus is on work now, and after that I will think about marriage.

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