Florian and Mr. Edward’s matchless love story

Florian and Mr. Edward's matchless love

Florian and Mr. Edward’s Unmatched Love Story How a true love story comes to Fruition. On February 7, Florian Heil died in a New York hospital, but her hand was as always in the strong hands of her husband, who was only a few hours away from death.
You may have seen such a story in a movie or maybe heard it somewhere, but sometimes movie stories become reality. The true story we are going to mention today is the story of two ordinary people whose true love has made this ordinary story very special.

Although Florian and Edward’s were married for six decades, it was not possible to separate them from each other, so perhaps even death did not separate them from each other.
According to a blog on ‘Orleans Hub’, Florian’s daughter Renee has described the unique love story of her parents and believes that her parents created a love story that will be remembered for ages.
On February 7, Florian Hale died in a New York hospital, but her hand was as always in the strong hands of her husband who was only a few hours away from death.
Mr. Edward Hale was waiting like a gentleman for Florian to leave so that he could fulfill his promise of lifelong companionship. As soon as Florian left the world, the next day Mr. Hill also closed his eyes forever.
It is said that love is very powerful and perhaps this is what keeps the 83-year-old Mr. Hale going despite his serious illness. He was admitted to ‘Rochester Hospital’ in New York where his kidneys also stopped working. Mr. Hale’s condition was critical and the doctors told him that he would be a guest for a few days.

Florian and Mr. Edward's as Character
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On February 4, 82-year-old Florian Hale was suddenly admitted to United Methodist Hospital in Batavia, 35 miles from Rochester Hospital, due to heart failure. Florian’s condition worsened and the doctors gave him an answer.
Renee says that it was difficult for her to decide which of her dying parents to cry over.
But nature also made this difficulty easy for them. At the midnight on February 6, his father suddenly regained consciousness. He did not know anything about Florian until now, but as soon as he regained consciousness, he asked to see his wife because he wanted to see Florian for the last time.

According to Renee Hirsch, she spent the night persuading the two hospitals to transfer her father to United Methodist Hospital because Mr. Hale’s travel was impossible, while Mrs. Hale’s hospital had to admit a dying patient. However, with the help of some social workers, the issue was resolved.
It was unusual for the doctors to see Mr. Hale’s recovery before traveling in the ambulance. Arrived. To unite the husband and wife, the hospital had put their beds together in the same room so that both could leave the world holding each other’s hands.
Florian closed his eyes forever at 10:30 am on February 7, then Mr. Hale also left the world 36 hours later.
Florian and Mr. Edward’s love story begins sixty years ago at a party where Mr. Edward decides to make Florian his life partner. Florian’s family refused because, just three months after the wedding, Florian had lost her husband in a car accident and returned home after six months in hospital.
Meanwhile, Mr. Hale promised Florian’s father that no matter how weak and sick Florian is, he will keep her in the strong embrace of his arms for the rest of her life.
Florian and Edward’s were married on May 12, 1953. They built a house in Batavia, which was completed by their daughter Renee and son Ricky.

Mr. Hale’s love for Florian was evident in the fact that he cared about Florian’s clothes and hairstyle. At eleven o’clock Mrs. Hale would wait in the parking lot on her day off from work.
Despite being seriously ill, he enjoyed going to restaurants and cafes with Florian every day. Whenever he went shopping at the market, he always brought a bouquet and something sweet for Florian.
Renee says that people used to tease her mother about how she would be able to live alone without Edward.
In response, Mrs. Hale would say, “Mr. Hale will never deign to leave the world before me; he cannot leave me alone.”
The joint funeral of Florian and Edward’s took place on the evening of February 13 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, where a large number of family members, including hospital staff, bid farewell to the truly loving couple.
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