Feroze Khan has borne half of the financial expenses of the children, Aliza Sultan

Feroze Khan has borne half of the financial expenses of the children, Aliza Sultan

In response to a question on her Instagram story, Aliza Sultan said that Feroze Khan has taken half the responsibility for the financial expenses of the children. Actor Feroze Khan’s ex-wife Aliza Fatima Sultan denied the rumors circulating on social media and said that Feroze Khan is responsible for half of the children financial expenses.

Aliza Sultan and actress Feroze Khan confirmed their divorce in September 2022, both married in 2018 and had their first son (Sultan) in 2019 and daughter (Fatima) in February 2022. Aliza Sultan had accused Feroze Khan of torture, after which both husband and wife have filed cases against each other in the courts, which are being heard.

After the divorce, Alize Fatima applied to the local court of Karachi to pay the expenses of the children.
Initially, there was a dispute between the two regarding child support and the court gave time to both parties to resolve the support issues according to their consent.

However, in this regard, the court had given a decision that Feroze Khan is obliged to pay 80 thousand rupees per month towards expenses. After some time, there was also a discussion on social media that Feroze Khan is not paying the expenses of the children due to which Aliza Sultan is forced to earn on her own.

It should be remembered that Aliza Sultan started modeling after her separation from Feroze Khan.
However, in this regard, when Aliza Sultan allowed her fans to ask questions on Instagram, i.e. started a question and answer session, one of the fans asked the question is it true that Feroze Khan does not meet the expenses of his children? And they are not good fathers?

To which Aliza Sultan replied ‘No, this is not true, they are obliged to bear half of the financial expenses of the children.’

In the question-and-answer session, another fan asked the question, “What do you want to change in your life?” To which Aliza Sultan replied that she wanted to learn to balance in life, to be patient, to forgive, to balance relationships, and to learn from good and bad experiences, it is important to balance the world and religion.

Alize Sultan added, ‘Usually I wear a dupatta when I go out, but now I want to post only pictures on Instagram in which my head is covered with a dupatta, not a full hijab, but just my head. Need a dupatta.

Another fan asked the question, what is the biggest regret in life? To which Aliza Sultan replied, “Alhamdulillah, there is no regret, whatever happens is part of His (Allah’s) mercy.”

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