The dhoti had fallen off during the theater, Behrouz Sabzwari

The dhoti had fallen off during the theater, Behrouz Sabzwari

Senior actor Behrooz Sabzwari, recalling the story of the past, said that his dhoti fell during the theater with the legendary actor and comedian Umar Sharif, the audience laughed and he was in shock. participated in Kurdi’ where he gave interesting answers to the questions of the host Momin Saqib.

In the program, when the host asked, “Is Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s mother also a fan?”, the actor replied, “Yes, of course.” Behrouz Sabzwari said that one day in a shopping store in London, she met Salman Khan’s younger brother and his mother by chance.

He said that ‘Salman Khan’s younger brother Sohail met me warmly and then met his mother, she saw me immediately and was very happy, it was a great honor for me. I am very big. On the host’s question, he also told that his dhoti had come off during the theater due to which he had to face a lot of embarrassment.

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Recalling a story from the past, he said that ‘One day I was doing theater with the legendary comedian and actor Umar Sharif, I played the role of a gangster in this play, and for this role, I wore a big mustache, and a dhoti. was wearing ‘

The senior actor further said that the theater was full at that time, and a large number of people had come to see the play, Umar Sharif was on the stage, after which I gave my entry while speaking a dialogue, after which Umar Sharif told me. Given the slap receipt, it was not in the slap script. ‘

Behrouz laughingly said when Umar Sharif slapped me, my dhoti fell, I was very shocked, I did not understand what to do, then I immediately picked up my dhoti and ran away from the stage, after which people started laughing.’ He said with a laugh that ‘I did not know how to tie a dhoti.’

He also said that he has a close friendship with the famous comedian Johnny Lever in Bollywood, he was busy shooting for the film ‘Khale Asman ke Nath’, the last part of the film was shot in India, the hotel where we stayed. But there was a meeting with Johnny Lever.

The dhoti had fallen off during the theater, Behrouz Sabzwari
Image From shahrozsabzwari Instagram:

He said that one day I was walking with my wife when someone grabbed me from behind. “”After that Joni Lever spent 8 hours with our team and we laughed and laughed and that’s where we became friends with Joni Lever,” he said.

Behrouz Sabzwari said that ‘I have not been offered any film from India, I was offered the role of a politician in a film but I refused because it was against Pakistan’. Senior actor Behrooz Sabzwari is a well-known Pakistani film, television, and stage actor, who started acting in 1968 and acted in a children’s fancy dress show at the age of 10.

Behrooz Sabzwari rose to fame with the serial Khuda Ki Basti. She has also been honored with Satara Amtiyar this year. After that, she worked in Mera Naam Mungo, Tepehsh, Abgeenat, An Kahi, and Aahaniyaan.

Behrouz Sabzwari gained immense fame for her innocent role, especially in Tanhayayan, due to which even today people know and recognize her in public.
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