‘Cornered Tiger The 1992 Story’ Documentary on Cricket World Cup 1992 Victory

'Cornered Tiger The 1992 Story'

For the first time, the first trailer of ‘Cornered Tiger: The 1992 Story’, a documentary on the victory of the Cricket World Cup 1992, was announced to be released next week.
Producer Neena Kashif’s documentary ‘Cornered Tiger: The 1992 Story’ is directed by filmmaker Adnan Sarwar and includes interviews with almost all the players from that time.
Filmmaker Nabeel Qureshi tweeted the trailer of the documentary and congratulated the team and said that he can’t wait any longer for the release of the film.
The trailer of the documentary Cornered Tiger: The 1992 Story was also shared on Instagram by producer Neena Kashif, who also shared the first teaser of the film last month.
The short-lived trailer features legendary players Javed Miandad, Wasim Akar, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Moeen Khan, and Mushtaq Ahmed among others.

Poster of 'The Story of Cornered Tiger 1992'
From tapmad.entertainment Instagram:

In the trailer, all the players were seen talking about the memorable moments during the 1992 World Cup, including the bad and good performances of the Pakistan team.
The trailer indicates that while the players will be seen talking about the World Cup victory and recounting the historical moments in the film, the former cricketers will also be seen lifting the veils from the controversies and speculations of the time.
Wasim Akram is heard saying in the trailer that cricket is not just a game for Pakistanis but it is like blood for Pakistanis.
At the same time, he points out that wrong information is spread about him that he was discovered by the then captain when the truth is that he was discovered by Javed Miandad.
The then national team captain is not featured in the reeler but his role will be the most prominent in the documentary.

The film will also feature Shoaib Akhtar and other new players talking about cricket while it will also include scenes of cricket being played in the streets and neighborhoods of the country.
‘Cornered Tiger: The 1992 Story’ will be released on the OTT platform ‘Temped’, but it is likely to be featured on YouTube as well.

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