Babar Azam father reacted to Muhammad Asif’s statement

Babar Azam father reacted to Muhammad Asif's statement

Pakistan national cricket captain Babar Azam father reacted to Mohammad Asif’s statement. Former Pakistani fast bowler Muhammad Asif had issued a threatening statement regarding the captain of the national cricket team, Babar Azam, to which the father of the captain, Azam Siddiqui, has now reacted.

Two days ago Mohammad Asif said ‘I picked Babar Azam in the trials after facing only 2 balls, you can ask his father that I picked Babar in the ZTBL trials. . ‘ He also said that ‘even today I can make Babar Azam over the field in T20 cricket if you give him good balls, he cannot hit the ball.’

Now Azam Siddiqui himself has reacted in this matter and has released a post on the photo and video sharing app Instagram, in which the picture of Muhammad Asif included in the collage can be seen along with the picture of Babar Azam at a young age.

Azam Siddiqui explained in detail the story teased by Mohammad Asif regarding the selection of Babar Azam and wrote ‘I remember everything, just remember it or not, Salam Pakistan, Babar Jab U-16 World Cup. There used to be a club ‘School of Cricket’ next to the ground of DPS Model Town, Babar’s club had a match with that club. On the other hand, at that time Muhammad Asif was preparing for a comeback.

He wrote that ‘Muhammad Asif played this match, Babar used to open, Mohammad Asif attacked, Babar had scored 84 runs in that match and Asif got him out. On inquiry, he said “Asif Bhai has spoken very badly”, I consoled him and said that you have also hit him for 11 fours, well the matter ended here.

He further wrote that ‘Honorable Mansoor Rana helped Babar to play for ztbl, Babar was having a trial at the National Academy, Muhammad Asif came, the trial had not yet started, Babar was wearing pads, especially Asif. When he greeted him, he said in a very happy mood, “Oi Chhotu Khar?” Babar said that Asif Bhai was on trial at the bank, at that time he went to the bank administration and said in a very harsh tone, “What trial are you taking of him, he tired me by beating me and hit me 11 times.” Write his name and keep it in the bank, it will be of great use to you.’

He further wrote ‘And then I write again and again that 16,800 which was the first salary he got, he laid the foundation for Babar to move forward, respected Muhammad Asif Sahib, every servant’s actions are the same with him, first of all, this is never the time. It will come, even if it comes, your overmaiden will be played anyway out of respect for Babar, your timely testimony was of great use to us.’

At the end of his statement, Azam Siddiqui addressed the public and wrote “I request the public not to talk directly about Muhammad Asif concerning Babar. I bear witness, by this act goodness lives, long live Pakistan.’

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