Asad Abbas: A singer of quality and impact

Asad Abbas: A singer of quality and impact

When Asad Abbas was taking his last breath, his elder brother and well-known singer Ali Abbas, along with his other elder brother Zaheer Abbas and his father, his family was going through severe agony. At the same time, Pakistan’s artist community and people were congratulating each other on the joy of the distribution of official medals on Independence Day. No artist, singer, government representative, no contractor of society and culture, no one participated in his funeral, most of them were aware of his illness. This incident has not happened for the first time either.

In the circumstances and with the helplessness with which Asad Abbas has left us, the government, the contractors of running this country, our society, the artist community of Pakistan, showbiz people, NGOs that give speeches of humanity, The corporate sector, the so-called philanthropists, Pakistan’s coke studio, cultural institutions and organizations and along with them, you and I, the collective spit on us all.

We the people are witnessing and suffering continuous inflation, the emergence of natural calamities, accidental deaths, and many more in Pakistan. How many of us are still dying? Death is inevitable, but if someone kills and dies due to oppression, it is unjust. In the same context, the way a young singer cherished himself until the end.

He spent his property and rupees on treatment, as long as it was possible siblings and relatives also contributed to his fight against the disease, but then gradually the disease began to dominate the young singer in this battle. Everything in this family was sold. He spent the last days of his life in his native house near Faisalabad.

He was brave. Be more motivated with a strong will to defeat the disease. He then relied on his loved ones. He asked for support from people associated with his music field from his home and circle of acquaintances, then he cried out to the government and the philanthropists of the society. There were few. The majority spent only verbal deposits. Many didn’t even do that, just kept quiet, as if they would never face death.

Asad Abbas was suffering from a disease that could be treated abroad but the huge financial costs kept coming. In a country of 23 crores, a few people gave token donations but the majority spent verbal donations. Social media people, YouTubers, and traditional media of Pakistan started selling this young man’s sorrow to get their TRPs and trending and this mindset was busy selling this sorrow until his funeral prayer. Even now after his tragic death, YouTube is full of such myths.

The owner of this beautiful face with a bright face, a singer of quality singing with a sweet voice and an impressive tone and crushing the whole self of a human being, these people passed over him.Asad Abbas did not die from the disease, he was fighting this deadly disease with courage for many years, he died because of the spectators like us and you, who did not want to help him, but his ego became a spectacle. changed.

How many of us would have uploaded the picture taken with it on social media by now, and turned the video into a story? He is gone but everyone is spending his sorrow according to their status and times.

Many of us suffer from this pain. Let’s remember it together. The disease took away his mother and elder sister from him. Now a husband has been separated from his wife and a father from two children. Ali Abbas, the loving and caring elder brother like a father and then a father, and famous singer Ali Abbas, this death also saddened him. His fans and the philanthropic stars of the artiste community who came to his aid are all saddened and saddened by the passing of Asad Abbas. You are all familiar with the life story of this beautiful person and melodious singer, so I am only writing about his demise.

The sorrow that is present in his charming voice, he has seen its intensity in the world, yet for the sake of performing the rituals of the world, if we take a look at his life, then we see with what lightning speed he set the stages to be crossed. People’s lives are wasted, yet the destination is not reached.

This 38-year-old was born in Faisalabad. Got his basic education from the same city. After graduating from GC University Faisalabad, he focused on music training from home. Taking what he got from his elders, he went out into the field and went to kill the whole field one by one. He received basic training in music from his father. His family is a well-known family in Faisalabad, which has services in classical music, folk music, lamentation, and other artistic fields.

Asad Abbas won Pakistan’s first nationwide music competition ‘Pakistani Sangeet Icon’ and won a prize of Rs 1 crore and a Mercedes car. After that, he became associated with Pakistan’s famous Sufi music band ‘Mikal Hasan Band’ and won ‘Lux Style Award’ for them.Many other songs like the raag sung for Mikal Hasan’s band and the song ‘Malcones’ with fellow young singer Rasab Aamir have done justice to this raag. Why would Asad Abbas not sing such a melody? He was a budding ideal artist of hope.

Pakistan gained global fame by singing ‘Kade Awe Mahi’ in the sixth season of Coke Studio. He became immortal in the history of modern music of Pakistan by singing this verse from the famous Sufi poet Shah Hussain. Although this word has been sung by many famous singers of Pakistan, the voice of Taseer and Shirini Asad Abbas, its rarity is unparalleled.

In what is said in the summary of this speech, the poet has called the beloved and described his sight as a form of worship. Come and cover my faults. This coffee of Sufi poet Shah Hussain is enough for a lifetime if understood. By singing these words, Asad Abbas has done us a favor that we will never be able to repay. According to this Sufi poet Shah Hussain.

kadde aa way mahi Gul lag way
teri deed gharibaan da hajj way. . .
jay ton aavٴn te mein dkhrhe Sunawan
tenu vekh lavaan rajj rajj way. . .
nah mein sohni nah gun pallay
Maray Ayb Numai da kaj way
teri deed gharibaan da hajj way
kadde aa way mahi Gul lag way. . .

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This journey of Asad Abbas’s life was still going on, he was traveling around the world, and the world was swinging in front of him on the axis of singing. He was presenting the words of the Sufis to the materialistic society. He also made his videos, paid homage to many singers by singing their lyrics and lyrics, also performed laments. He also sang the title songs of Pakistani dramas and performed innumerable concerts, performing his art in innumerable gatherings and expanding his circle of fans.

This series continued despite the disease. Even on his deathbed, he used to sing Sufis Kakalam and sing songs of life with great courage in the face of death. Then someone’s evil eye struck them and the star that was rising rapidly broke and disappeared. He was at the crossroads of his life and singing and then his life story took a turn. According to Rahman Faris.
The story ended and so ended
That people started crying while clapping

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